Why Does Your Business Need to Have a CRM?

Nowadays, customers are closely computing the quality of services being provided to a greater extent before actually associating with a company. When looking for estimates and graphs, it was revealed that four out of five customers say that they spent more money with a company because of the pleasant as well as positive customer experience. Well then the question is how to really make your customers happy?How to deliver an excellent customer experience? How to earn customer loyalty and trust? The answer is really simple, “Know your customers”. Understanding your customers and your audience is paramount when it comes to any business. You cannot expect to keep or make someone happy without really knowing what makes them happy. Similar is the case with meeting customer’s expectations, to fulfill their expectations, you should know what they want.

And this is where Call CRM such as Voxbay Smartvoice steps in. This is the most effective tool for your business to understand your customers. Smartvoice is an Automated Interactive Voice Response System to communicate smartly!

How Smartvoice Helps Your Business?

Smartvoice is a Next Generation call management system on Cloud. It unfolds endless features in front of you, call summary report, user wise report, daily reports, call recordings and everything related to your business number on your fingertip. Let’s have a look upon more advantages:

  • Real-Time Data Access
  • Single point of call references
  • Agent and customer service quality analysis

After knowing what all call CRM offers, one cannot deny that CRM is a valuable tool for businesses. Smartvoice has optimized everyday business processes into delivering value, satisfaction, and returns.

How Smartvoice Works?

A smart voice is initiated by creating an account in the cloud by using a customer name, customer mail id and a mobile number. By giving these details, a customer would be able to log in to their smart space of call management. The Account is associated with a smart dashboard which is very user-friendly. They can create a user’s extension, create IVR, set time groups, conditioning and managing their DID’s, etc. The customer is able to create separate call groups for different departments also. Uploading IVR audio files is also possible.

Your business calls will follow you, no matter where you are. You will never miss a call again.

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