Why are more start-ups opting for Cloud Telephony since 2020

According to statistical reports and otherwise too, the number of startups have been soaring each year in our nation. The Covid-19 pandemic might have slowed the process a bit for a while but it is yet again gaining momentum. The funds undoubtedly might be quite an issue at the beginning for almost all start-ups, but they still tend to take the risk in the hope of success sooner. They are popping -up every now and then in various parts of the world, more specifically in our country. This also raises the competition  and the entrepreneurs need to  make use of newer technologies and strategies to hold on to the market pace.

Spreading brand awareness about a start-up could be really challenging as your team might be small and of course not to forget a new face to the market. As a fresh face, you need to all the more keep in constant touch with your target market in order to build a stronger brand image of your business.This in time adds value to your business.

Cloud technology ensures round-the-clock availability for your valued customers as the convenience it offers is unbeatable. With a simple and hassle-free cloud based solution,we could hand over the communication responsibilities to the virtual solutions. It works in the favor of your manual staffing productivity too. Beyond these pros, let us see how this technology can magically transform your business start-ups into a success.

  • Highly flexible
  • Smoothens the communication flow
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Highly secured and ensures privacy
  • Cost-effective solution

Centralizing all business communication processes

Even during this Covid-19 pandemic time also, most of the businesses failed to handle remote working culture due to lack of infrastructure or technical limitations. Cloud telephony is flexible and it offers features that can easily be added or removed to suit your needs. Cloud telephony is a virtual set-up and it doesn’t need complex wires or big PBX boxes and it for sure, doesn’t even need an internet connection.Another attractive feature of Cloud set-up is the number masking. This allows you to mask the contact numbers of the customer and agent from each other. This will ensure privacy and could be a preventive measure against any sort of  abuse of personal contact details.

The cloud telephony plans and subscriptions are flexible and the best part is that you only need to pay for what you choose to. Businesses can choose and modify the plans and pricing based on their call flow and volume of customer interactions. And you are absolutely free to scale up and scale down as per your choice. The chances of communication errors will be minimized and a quick resolution is  always encouraged via cloud based solutions. 

Need to implement cloud telephony in your Business calls?

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