What is Virtual Number? 

virtual number in kerala

What is virtual number? 
A direct inward dialing or access numbers without a directly associated telephone line. Usually, used to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client: it can be fixed, mobile or VoIP.

Why virtual number?
Well, it is a better way to manage your business communications during the pandemic.

Now you know what is a Virtual Number. And since it is a telephone number that isn’t bound to a fixed location it can be used to make or receive calls on any phone, anywhere, such as VoIP desk phones, cell phones, or softphones. It’s perfect for business persons who travels and fear to lose their potential clients and also employees in the office, or those who work at home.

Some of the unique features are:

1. You can use it to call from anywhere to any number, whether it be a landline, mobile or VoIP
2. You can eliminate expensive add-ons and fees with local phone numbers
3. You can use your own customized IVR (auto attendant) who greets your callers and provides an easy menu to reach the right person or department
4. You will never miss a single call even if you are away from your office/shop
5. You will never have to reveal your original number, it help to conceal your caller ID which helps to keep your privacy. Employees can separate business from their personal phone.

How to get Virtual number in india

There’s no doubt that virtual phone numbers are more beneficial than traditional landline numbers. They work for small businesses with remote staff as well as larger companies who need to manage communication in their offices, shops, institutes and call centers.
Virtual Phone numbers can be:
• Local phone numbers – These numbers are based in certain geographic areas, also known as rate centers or area codes.
• Toll-free numbers – These are special numbers that start with 800, 888, 866, and others that allow people to call it without any tolls or fees.

• Vanity numbers – These numbers are the catchy, memorable numbers like 1800-xxxx-xxxx You would want to purchase these and port them in.

Now you know how to get a Virtual Number?

Yes, the answer is right here with us and it’s just a click away. Our Solutions are Simple. But it can Deliver Unlimited Opportunities for all types of Businesses for their flexible and fair Call Management Processes. We are the best in the industry to provide Virtual calling in Kerala and India. So grab the opportunity to enhance your business with the help of our solutions.

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