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We all know the importance of communications in enterprises and of course the need for a perfect call management solution for your business. One such unbeatable solution is Voxbay Cloud Telephony.

We all know the importance of communications in enterprises and of course the need for a perfect call management solution for your business. One such unbeatable solution is Cloud Telephony.

Cloud telephony solutions are integrated into your daily business processes. This not only helps streamline your company’s work processes, but it also helps your business run smoothly from a broader perspective. All your business communication systems are fully integrated into your cloud telephony solution. With these streamlined workflows, you can access every detail in a single interface. This makes it easier and faster to get results. Highly customizable CRM integrations allow you to consolidate your work and processes. Doing business is easier than ever. This is the era of flexible work. More and more employees are working with more flexible work hours and office environments. Remote work is increasing like never before. While employers argue that such career conditions only work well for a freelance writer or designer, it is advisable that you evaluate your work patterns and understand how a flexible and mobile work pattern would benefit your company.

Business cloud phone solutions allow your employees to get work done on the go. In this way, Support inquiries or sales calls can also be answered when your employee is not in the office. Any device with a stable internet connection on which the cloud telephony application is installed can take care of your business. In addition, the company can also reduce the workload on the desks. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, can be used when an employee’s personal device can be used for business. In addition to the last section of the previous point, cloud telephony solutions reduce your business costs many times over. You no longer have to spend on traditional desk phone systems. You also don’t have to worry about installation and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, cloud telephony solutions do not consume office space. Everything is in one place on your employee’s laptop. Cloud telephony has a feature called Auto Dialer. With this dialer, you can automatically make calls and store messages and voice messages. It would not be necessary for your sales or technical support representative to manually complete this process. Plus, the Add End Call Notes feature allows your agents to take quick notes on the outcome of the call. By reducing manual labour to virtually zero and making note-taking easier, Your sales and support teams can quickly become more efficient and productive.

Traditional desk phones don’t allow you to keep track of all your business communications. Half of the support inquiries are made through the fixed network and the other part of the sales calls are also made through this fixed network.  No one is aware of the conversations that have taken place. It is increasingly difficult to control all the information that flows in and out. Cloud telephony helps solve this problem. With the call recording feature, you can now record all your incoming and outgoing calls. This allows you and your team to better handle all business communications. They have a record of everything that you can always access for reference or corrective action.

How to Add Cloud Telephony in your Business..?

Voxbay Solution is the best Cloud telephony provider in India. VOXBAY reveals the magic of cloud telephony with unlimited possibilities and endless options. We keep innovating and developing, by offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers to achieve a better Business Environment.

Voxbay Provides unparalleled and unlimited features:

  • Smart voice
  • Missed call service
  • IVR
  • Call center management
  • Toll-free number
  • Bulk SMS
  • Voice broadcasting
  • Virtual Number
  • Call masking
  • Digital marketing services

Voxbay is the best IVR Service provider in Kerala, India. And Technical support is really efficient and very fast.

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