Our Pride Project: Kerala Vyokshema Call center – A toll free number for Elderly

Helpline for Senior Citizens Launched – Help now is just a call away.

Old age is a very sensitive phase. People in their old age are quite vulnerable to emotional as well as physical weakness.  They need  constant care and comfort to lead a healthy life free of worries and anxiety. Taking care of our elders, if possible,  can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling too.

Many senior citizens residing in India were confined to their homes all alone in the first phase of severe lockdown, i.e  the 21-day Nationwide lockdown. As a part of this, they were unable to see their children residing in other cities and this highly disappointed and distressed them. Senior citizens with severe or acute health issues also faced a lot of issues during that time.

At such stressful hours, we set up a call center in order to cater the health and various other important needs of senior citizens. The senior citizen welfare control cell which has just begun functioning from the Govt ITI, Kalamassery, Kerala will soon have a separate toll-free number for the elderly in the district to reach out in case of any such important requirements. The call center will be functioning under the district level Vayojana cell in all the 14 districts. Also, a telemedicine system will also be set up for those in need of treatment. All Senior citizens will be contacted within 10 days after the call center starts. Follow-up details of those in need will be recorded separately and the required services will be provided immediately. And the best part of course of these call centers is that it does not require huge chunks of time. It could be set up in a quick as well as effective manner.

We at Voxbay solutions feel very happy to be involved in such a project to “telecare” our elders. The project was able to reach out to 4.5 lakh elderly citizens in each district, most of whom have comorbidities.

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