Let’s Talk about Live Call Barging

Putting it in simple words, live call barging is a call center software feature that allows you to hear live calls silently without your caller or agent realizing it. Hence, this process is also called “Silent call Monitoring”. It’s a round the clock agent supervision without actually being on the floor. This call center feature is ideal for supervisors and managers looking to optimize the call quality, call center agent training and enhance the overall performance of their company call center.

We are familiar with standard or always used call recording, that comes on when someone tries to contact our business for support or queries. The IVR System itself says,“your call will be recorded for quality or training purposes”. Call recording is not an unusual feature by itself. However, Cloud telephony allows users to get ahead by a few steps. The supervisors or managers are able to monitor the live calls just as with the usual call and with the upgraded version, you could very easily also interact within the live call. They can talk to either the call agent or even directly to the customers in certain situations, if and when need be. Live call barging allows us to listen clearly and make notes on the agent’s performance to provide appropriate feedback later. Upgraded features such as call Whispering allows the managers to hear the conversations and talk to the caller agent without the customer being aware of what’s going on. This way you could help your agents out with and if you detect a wrong flow of information This feature is very useful when the agent is stumped by any customer’s query. Through this live call barging feature, we can convert a two-way call to a conference call.

Benefits of Live Call Barging

  • Live Call Barging gives the best support to new agents/employees. Recorded calls are good, providing feedback later on when they have missed an opportunity to improve the customer experience. Even experienced employees/agents could use this feature for support in certain situations.
  • To reduce Call transfers and Call-on- hold times, we can utilize this feature live call barging. In some situations, agents make customers wait/hold for several minutes while the agent transfers the call to someone else. Sometimes, this might lead to miscommunication.With call barging, a manager can interfere into the call without any hold.
  • Live call barging can be used to manage Remote agents also. Managing and training for a remote team of calling agents is difficult without a cloud-based call center software with live call barging. This enables you to allow listening and drop in on live calls, regardless of the location of your agents. The Call Barging feature will help you manage your dispersed team very much efficiently.

Call Barging is a Super-Tool for Managers/Supervisors. 

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