How to set a Flawless IVR for your Business?

IVR System is most common nowadays for better business communications. As a company who keeps customer experience at the utmost priority, it is unavoidable for you to constantly enhance your Business IVR’s performance. A customer-friendly brand can’t ignore customer complaints. If it will be avoided it is the biggest mistake that can lead to damage that brand and kill their entire customer experience. To prevent brands from such damages, every business owner should take certain measures to improve their IVR immediately. Let us discuss a few of them:

A complicated IVR

Customers who call a business, are looking for a solution which they couldn’t find. But, a huge ratio of companies ignores this basic aspect of customer service while designing the IVR. An IVR designed with too many levels and more than 5 options at each level is confusing for the callers to operate. This can lead callers to a loop of menu options. This lets them disconnect the call. Such a situation confuses your customer and experience difficulties to get the exact option. This creates a bad mark on your brand. To avoid this, first, you must evaluate the simplicity of your IVR structure. Make it Simple and user friendly. 

Answering the Questions repeatedly 

Customers are looking for quick resolutions and they are not happy to answer the repeated questions in an IVR. It delays the process and tests their patience also. It is a major turn-off when every time customer calls are transferred to a new agent or are answered by a different agent. To save our callers from this burden, businesses are able to enable the STICKY AGENT option to connect with the previous agent to the caller.

Making customers on Hold

Call waiting is the most dreadful experience for the callers. When the call hold time is significantly higher, there are very high chances to get the callers to go ballistic. It is not fair that the call hold time crosses the 1-2 minute mark. The average call hold time is also one of the most crucial call center metrics that define the efficiency of any call center. Low call on-hold times indicates that call centers are able to provide quick customer support.

Unwanted Robotic Conversations

if a caller opted “connect with an agent” option, it means that they are looking for a personalized conversation with a human response. So, the scope of a robotic or pre-recorded conversation is already finished. Agents are trained to follow scripted answers for every situation where from welcome greetings to thanking messages. Situations further in case of disagreements between the customer and the agent. In place of personalized response, the agent’s robotic replies will lead to customers’ anger. The solution is prioritizing personalization

IVR systems are revolutionizing voice communication. If your business is looking for an IVR solution then a cloud telephony provider like Voxbay solutions is the best option for you. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about this. Call us at 9946869229.

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