How Different Businesses Using Missed Call Service?

Our India has a Vast potential for missed call service today and its capability is only expected to grow with time. With all the phones and smartphones being used all around by such a large section of people, it’s delightful that missed call service is a huge blow in the Indian market. The most appealing feature of missed call services is it’s less time consuming, more convenient and cost nothing at all. This service is a fast way to know what your customers really want.

Let’s go through some advantages of missed call services:

  • Able to Build Interactive Campaigns

By this, we can able to conduct polls, surveys and collect valuable customer feedback to backing outbound campaigns. Also, give a call back to your customer with detailed product/service information at zero cost to them.

  • Generate Leads

Missed call solutions help in prompt gain of customers and customer detail in real-time. Every missed call received will be a potential customer.

  • Aimed Approach with Campaigns

Missed call marketing campaign enables you to touch audiences from regions with low internet or smartphone Invasion. We can able to Boost the reach of your business with a single missed call marketing number, thereby optimizing your target audience

Briefly, you can use missed call services mainly for:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer information

A missed call service has several acutely useful features such as it will disconnect automatically very quickly after the customer calls, typically after a single ring. This will help to save time. Missed call reminders and missed call notifications are available to track these missed calls effectively. Also, it handles and provides the service for multiple incoming calls at the same time. Missed call Services has a simple integration process with most CRM software.

Do you need any Special Hardware or Software to Start the Service?

You don’t need any hardware or software to start the service. As we provide a cloud communication platform, you just need an internet connection and a browser to start the missed call campaign.

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