How Cloud Solutions Helps in Work from Home during COVID – 19

The coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. Businesses across the globe have no alternative but to adopt the remote working model or work from the home strategy. These kinds of measures are essential to stop the spread of the deadly disease that has the potential to wipe off large proportions of the entire world population. Moving to a remote working model makes sense to minimize the risk of contamination at workplaces and during commutes (for those using public transportation). When it comes to implementing work-from-home, one of the key challenges that businesses face is that a majority of them depend on the traditional call management systems. 

To fight out this crisis, Companies are able to make use of technology solutions such as cloud telephony and virtual call center software. It is very important to understand how they work and which ones would be right for your needs.

Business call management during Work from Home

First of all, let us discuss the hardware. 

Still, using Landlines for your Business calls.?

If your sales and support team still rely on landlines for attending business and customer calls, this is the right time to change. Landlines are purely traditional and unportable. It requires a lot of infrastructures to set up and you cannot imagine setting up landlines for each of your employees during such an emergency. Here our solution can help you. It is as simple as a cloud telephony solution that lets your employee team operate seamlessly and be connected with the customers without any issues, regardless of their location. Voxbay’s virtual call center software enables a magical tactic which is call routing so that your business calls are transferred to your employee’s mobile numbers effortlessly and within seconds. They can easily attend the office calls and address customer queries right from their home, with zero infrastructural requirements and without any interruption in the services. 

Benefits of embracing a cloud call center solution for the remote working team:

  • Managers get access to a live dashboard that lets them monitor the performance of the sales team.
  • Dashboards show accurate real-time data such as the number of calls received, call time and missed calls.
  • The call recording enables individual calls to be stored on the cloud and later accessed for performance reviews.


Strong Connectivity between Team

Offices now need to support their employees who spend a major part of their time telecommuting or in a virtual office.  The Cloud system can be used for quickly setting up audio conferences and web meetings at any time. An easy collaboration with the teammates at the right time, which enables them to make better decisions more quickly even while working from remote locations. In one word, Coronavirus Boosts Cloud Meetings and Team Collaboration now. 

Let’s see Some more Benefits of Cloud Solutions for Your Employees and You:

  • Mobility & Scalability is very high in Cloud solutions. It breaks down the location-based barriers by moving the on-premise phone system into the cloud.
  • Security control and viability
  • It will Maintain Professional Touch
  • A cloud system does not require any setup of hardware and you have to pay-as-you-go. Moreover, it can be installed within minutes. So, this is economical and less stressful during this time of coronavirus crisis.
  • Can able to Increases Productivity

Voxbay Solutions is a prominent cloud telephony service provider that offers effective solutions for your diverse business call management requirements. We are committed to helping organizations get back on track with advanced call management solutions that facilitate work from home for their employees. 

Are you looking for an organization to enable this to your business calls.? Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about this. Call us at 9946869229. 

Stay Home!! Stay Safe!!


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