Five common mistakes to avoid while implementing an IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a viable method to maximize call center productivity and improve customer satisfaction. However, an IVR system can also be harmful for your organization if it is not well-designed and adequately equipped. An ill- designed IVR can cause confusion among the clients, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Here are the most usual mistakes you should avoid while executing an IVR system for your business.

1. Poor Voice Quality

An absence of clarity in voice can frustrate the caller and they might lose interest to communicate. Ensure that your callers clearly understand the options by playing a recorded voice that sounds crisp and clear, keep in mind to be neither too quick nor too slow.

2. An excessive number of options in the Menu and Lengthy Introductions

Try not to give your customers such a large number of options to choose from at a single level, while ensuring that there is no delay in finding the mandatory data.

3. Various Voices and Volumes

Different voices can again be a  very prominent set back. In the interest of keeping your presentation clean and consistent, voice recordings should be done by the same person, ideally utilizing the same or atleast a similar equipment for each recording. 

4. Not Updating Your IVR Options

Data such as business hours, office areas, web addresses, promotions, and occasional messages must be regularly updated and there are endless ways that you can refine IVR to improve the overall feel of customer experiences.

5. Repetitive hold messages

Listening to the same message over and over tends to drive callers insanely irritated and prompts calls to be hung up. The recurrence should sufficiently be to promise customers that the call is still in the queue, and they would soon be connected. So, it’s better to make the caller aware of the speculated time for the following accessible agent.

Customer expectations are changing and evolving in the contemporary era, and most companies are slow to alter their IVR to compliment these changes. A poorly designed IVR can have an off effect on your user, and could even lead to stuff like a negative brand image and fewer revenues.

Using a well designed IVR will save the customer’s time and drop down the numbers of  negative feedback while getting your customers exactly what they want, in no time. 

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