Empower Your Business with a Virtual Number

Performance Tracking is an integral part of any marketing campaign to know whether the campaign is working or not unless you know where you are getting the calls from and if they are genuine leads. Call tracking is a much better method to analyze the quality of leads.

Integrating cloud solutions into your company phone system drives your business to the next level. Using a virtual phone number for business is the best way to do it.

Why does your Business need a Call Tracking System?

Incoming phone calls are the best lead source of every business. Callers want to talk with a human being when they are close to making a purchase decision, which is the reason they would love to connect with you. It is a matter of trust and credibility. This is why calls bring in huge sales opportunities for a business. Let’s explore some benefits, call recording delivers.

  • Call tracking enables businesses to determine the most effective marketing method, hence they can focus their budget in the right places.
  • Integrating with other business tools such as CRM software, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more are very easy.
  • Can be able to recover lost leads easily.
  • A virtual phone number requires only an initial investment. Businesses can reduce wasteful spending by implementing it.
  • With the call tracking system, ROI figures will meet and it can prove to the company that the efforts are worthwhile.
  • Virtual numbers rely completely on the speed of the internet and they serve as powerful tools that can empower local and international marketing by opening the lines of communication.

How to use a virtual phone number for call tracking?

Pick a dedicated virtual mobile number and assign them to specific projects or campaigns that you need to track. The next step is to segmentize. Simply get started and record the number of calls to each of the phone numbers. This segmentation effort tracks the specific reach in various areas, so businesses can determine the initiatives that are working and the ones that aren’t. This is beyond effective in determining the productivity of the sales team as well.

The best thing about a virtual phone number is that it is flexible, hassle-free, can be easily re-routed, and enables entrepreneurs to segment the advantages and costs of individual efforts.

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