Cloud Telephony Helping Government to fight COVID-19

2020 is a year that has brought the world as a whole to a standstill and it’s been marked history for all the chaos that the pandemic brought alongside it. We got really familiar with the terms, “ lockdown”, “remote working”, “quarantine” etc. Within a very short and quick span of time, lockdown had been initiated at almost all places – offices, malls, theaters, churches, temples, hotels, parks and every public place we can think of right now. It is crystal clear that COVID -19 has had an immense impact on personal as well as professional lives of people worldwide. It was pretty visible at all domains and had impacts on individuals from all walks of life. Many employees lost their jobs due to the cut down on workforce of various organizations and an infinite number of enterprises shut down due to the inability to meet debts.

Pandemic had done enough damage to us, and added to that, we were also struck with the natural disasters – earthquake, floods and cyclones too. Yeah initially the pandemic drove us apart from each other but now it is bringing us together remotely. The government, societies, businesses, and individuals joined their hands to combat the newfound uncertainties.

Adopting robust infrastructure and latest technology is the only viable solution to survive this whole situation of social distancing. At such times, Cloud technology has emerged as the front-runner! Cloud telephony eliminates the need for complex wiring, landlines, infrastructure, etc. So, the entire phone system is moved to the cloud, and the ceaseless calls are facilitated seamlessly via the Internet.

Now let us explore how cloud telephony has helped and can aid our governments during this pandemic:

Helpline numbers for COVID 19

As soon as the lockdown was announced, the government was quick in releasing 24×7 helpline numbers. These public helpline numbers helped people massively in emergencies. Launching such provision-based, state-based, and nationwide toll-free numbers also ensured that the government is ready to enhance helping hands to the public and people received accurate information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud telephony services like toll-free numbers help in this regard by allowing people to make calls free of cost. Many of these government departments worked to supply food packets to the most deprived localities. Voxbay Solutions is blessed to launch a helpline number for the elderly natives in Kerala state for taking care of its senior citizens. Such efforts rely on quality communication via robust telephony infrastructure promised by the cloud.


During the hectic most times of lockdown, we implemented an IVR service to make people aware of the  prevention and impacts of the pandemic spreading at such a swift pace. As a part of this, a COVID-19 IVR is played before each and every call we make. They are serving the purpose of spreading critical information to the people and this cloud technology definitely helped save lives.


Giving immediate assistance is merely the first step in cases of emergency. There are many people in our country who depend massively on medicines. This next challenge lies in providing them emergency medicines and unhindered support. People in remote areas too, during the lockdown required their medical assistance more pressingly than ever. Cloud telephony can be used by medical organizations to facilitate virtual care. Using toll-free numbers integrated with IVR, individuals can easily get in touch with doctors on call and get instant support.

We have explored various ways how cloud technology has helped the government. And we won’t step back from looking for more and swifter ways to aid in government services. Throughout the past months, cloud telephony services have helped thousands of citizens and saved them from complete information blackout. To know more about cloud telephony and to implement it into your business, speak one of our experts now: 9946869229

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