Celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

As India celebrates its 75th anniversary of Independence, we at Voxbay Solutions would love to extend our tribute to the cultural and linguistic diversity of India, by bringing forth our AI based Speech Recognition technology. Differences ought to be respected.

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, as we call it and is an initiative by the Government of India to commemorate the seven and a half decades of having won our long-awaited independence. It marks the years of the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements. 

Our honorable Prime Minister launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat(commenced on 12th March 2021)  which started a 75-week countdown to our 75th  anniversary and will conclude on 15 August 2023.

Indian Independence as we all know didn’t come free of cost to us. This freedom is an aftermath of the fight our brave ancestors put up. Countless sacrifices, dreadful riots and commotions all over the country, bloodshed, and lost martyrs, split a nation into two pieces that will never again unify for the way it separated, the inevitable and constant terror in the eyes of civilians, the violence, we travelled past all of this to reach the place we today call Independent India.

We are out to celebrate the valiant effort of the selfless warriors who wore tight their sense of nationalism for the sake of the freedom that we enjoy today. There were fair chances of failure as the power and authority rested with the invaders. But we won and the price we paid for it was definitely not affordable. Our freedom struggle wasn’t won with swords but with blood, sweat and the gut-wrenching sacrifices of our martyrs. They did pay for our freedom with their blood but their sacrifice can never cease to exist in the heart of each Indian. 

Unity in Diversity 

It is not a confidential or unrevealed fact that India is a country which delineates great cultural, religious, linguistic and racial and ethnic diversity. We have cultural pockets of small India all over the nation appearing in diverse forms. We believe in tolerance when it comes to religious diversity. When talking of languages, the Peoples Linguistic Survey of India identified 780 languages of which 50 got extinct in the past five decades. Officially there are 122 languages but 22 languages in the Eighth Schedule of the constitution give cultural pockets like Assamese, Gujarati, Konkani, Maithili, Manipuri, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu etc. Our diversity defines us and the way we accommodate and respect cultural differences. Beyond all these differences when tough times strike, we stand united as a nation.

On that note, Voxbay very much values and respects the cultural diversity of India. The nation as a whole is handing out its bit to Azadi ka Mahotsav. And in the wake of this auspicious occasion, Voxbay has come up with an Al-based regional language speech recognition to ease and amplify the communication experience principally. 

With this innovation, our country is about to experience a booming change in its economy. The language barrier, which has for long restricted communication and growth of our nation is on the verge of being completely eradicated. This will resort in a tremendous change in the history of our country. India on the whole will undoubtedly experience burgeoning transformations in

  • Science 
  • Technology 
  • Medical Field 

With the help of this Al-based regional speech recognition interface, India can completely redefine its above-mentioned spheres in a remarkable way. It’s just a single illustration of how this technology can be used in our favor, there definitely are many more implications lying underneath. 

This innovation goes way ahead of its time. It’s nothing like India has ever experienced before as it is first of its kind innovation. It’s a burgeoning spark to the ever-changing digital economy of our nation. 

VOXBAY wishes you a very happy Independence day.

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