Can I use my Personal Number as Virtual Number?

First of all, let us break this myth once and for all. Many people might think that opting for a new number of services would lead to a loss of callers and hence their revenue also. It is normal that we thinking, unavailability in a certain number will lead to loss of customer calls.

Undoubtfully, we can able to convert our personal or existing work number into a virtual number. We don’t need to spend on a new number and this saves you the cost of marketing and advertising a fresh number. The only thing you need to do is port your number to the service provider’s company.

What is a Virtual Number?

Simply we can say that phone numbers that don’t require a physical telephone wire or SIM are called a Virtual Number. They are also known as Cloud Numbers. Virtual numbers don’t need any extra hardware to function. It needs only a stable Internet connection and your preferred device. You can use any mobile phone, tablet, or desk phone for all your communications. It saves you the hassle of bulky wires and telephone lines.

Features of Virtual Number

  • IVR
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Reports
  • Call Recordings
  • Auto-notification SMS

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

  • Tracking and Monitoring is very smooth for virtual number
  • Never miss a call – This reduces your chances of missing a call significantly.
  • Hassle-free Implementation. The installation and implementation of virtual number solutions are effortless and swift.
  • Centralized Communication – A single virtual number is all you need, and you can add the local or toll-free code of your choice to it.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Virtual numbers allow you to enjoy all these features at a nominal cost, as opposed to conventional phone systems, which have a lot of hidden charges.
  • Flexibility – Virtual numbers are tailored to fit your specifications and hence, offer a high rate of flexibility.
  • Scalability – You can add or remove agents as per your preferences with this service instantly and anytime you want.

How to get a Virtual Number?

Adopting an Indian virtual number is a very smooth process. The only work that needs to be done is the selection of various cloud service providers.

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