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Author: Shaheer Pambra | Technical Evangelist 

We know what privacy means to us so we totally understand and respect your privacy and that of your customer’s. And for quite some time, we had been working to ensure the security and privacy of our customers. Privacy of our client and customer base has been our priority ever since. So we would love to tell you about how our call masking feature ensures in doing so.

Masked calling is a tool used in the online sector to guarantee private telephone numbers for buyers as well as sellers. We all know the importance of call masking and now drifting on to how it works in favor of your business. For each meet-up with the customer, this feature uses a fleeting telephone number, enabling the caller to transmit flawlessly and seamlessly within a predefined time frame. The numbers are reused and reassigned to various meetings even after the predefined time frame has finished, which helps against protection against any potential security breaches or threats. 

Call Masking refers to the method made feasible by Voice APIs where an engineer may set up intermediaries for telephone numbers to protect parties from understanding the telephone numbers of each other during a call. Likewise, a similar procedure could allow the meetings to send SMS to each other without disclosing their own telephone numbers.

What exactly is Phone Number Masking?

The key to safeguarding precious customer data and privacy is through phone number masking which forms an essential part of the Cloud telephony system. In this arrangement, the software connects two people by means of using a bridge that authenticates the process of calling a customer. This way, customer identity remains safely tucked away and unharmed.

Masked phone numbers help E-commerce agencies set drivers, delivery men, and third-party agents safely approach customers creating a solid and sublimated loop. Cab hiring services and E-commerce especially capitalize on call masking solutions to ensure that neither side catches hold of the private phone number of the other. This way delivery guys and cab drivers could contact the customers yet either won’t have access to the phone numbers of the other. This  way no one  has to be concerned about their privacy getting jeopardized. This is the principal mechanism with which disposable numbers generate comfortable vibes of anonymous communication.

When an E- commerce delivery person initiates a call by clicking on the “call a customer” menu, the IVR comes into play which asks the customer to place the order or other relevant information regarding the order placing. Once an order has been placed, the number masking solution in turn will fetch the customer’s number from the database and doesn’t mess with the remaining part of the communication.

Top 5 Benefits of number masking

When we are about to share any sort of personal information on a merchant website, we jerk back a bit before actually entering the information. It is so as we are unsure and concerned about security issues and losing privacy. Number masking does not just come with this singular merit but covers various other pros too as mentioned below:

  • Uncompromised privacy and absolute security

    Since the proxy phone number will cloud actual numbers by forming a bridge between business and customers, buyers can repose in the fact that their space will never be intruded and will be armored with inviolable security.

    People appreciate privacy and anonymity in personal life and avoid endangering their identity by losing their private phone number to strangers or unknown representatives. Cloud telephony services are designed to hide phone numbers and mask it, which conveys to customers that you are always there to provide an excellent as well as secure interactive environment.
  • Customer experience

    In the knowledge that their information is kept safe by means of disposable numbers, businesses can deliver a delightfully satisfying experience for end-users. Customers tend to give business to brands that offer comfort and assurance and deliver the best at any cost and rule out the bad.

    “Masked phone numbers guarantee that all the calls received by customers are free from frauds and scams.”
  • Ensures Transactional safety

    One of the benefits of call masking is the absolute safety of transactions. When numbers are masked, businesses can comfortably safeguard digital transactions by keeping them within the frontiers of platforms, which enhances the overall safety of monetary exchanges.

    Masked phone numbers thus take over the action of platform-limited transactions, preventing buyers and sellers from unsound off-platform transactions that may lead to a false operation.
  • Unshackle from spams

    In the absence of a cloud telephony system, customers are prone to receiving spam calls and emails that nag them constantly. However, with special numbers provided by Cloud telephony providers, businesses can be confident that they are especially verified for legal use and protect business information. Customers, on the other hand, will not receive spam and can effectively hide phone numbers from the reach of spammers.

  • Detailed call records and reports

    By means of call recording and call tracking systems afforded by Cloud telephony providers, it is possible to monitor each call initiated to customers and report the conversation. As a result, businesses can establish sheer transparency about an agent’s ability and actions through real-time call reports.

    Such a number masking solution also enables complete incoming call tracking and confirms if an agent has indeed contacted customers in an efficient way. They can also be aware of customer feedback and improve their existing service by allowing customers to share their experience and service quality.

How does the call masking solution work?

  1. An executive is assigned to the customer

    When the service/transaction is done, the client will be allocated a particular executive as the contact person.

  2. Customer connects with the executive

    With the ‘call’ button shown on the mobile app/website, the customer and executive can communicate with each other.

  3. Information will be exchanged through servers

    Our server will transfer the caller’s information to your business server when the call is initiated, which in turn will include the number of the executive concerned.

  4. Communication will be safely done

    Without disclosing their personal numbers, the server will forward the call to the executive number concerned.

  5. Deliver a safe and enhanced business communication

    For all companies looking for enhanced consumer experience, maintaining customer privacy is extremely critical. Call masking allows company executives to communicate via the masked number with the client. This dramatically allows corporations to comply with the privacy needs of the clients they represent.

  6. Monitor all your on-call customer interactions

    With a call masking solution in place, both executive and customer calls are registered and tracked. Masking specific customer numbers prevents their personal details from being misused and monitors any kind of unwanted contact. It allows companies to supervise all on-call conversations substantially, thereby confirming their customers’ protection.

  7. To monitor transactions in the whitegoods industry

    Businesses that provide customers with services primarily use call masking to protect customer privacy by offering a safe channel for communication. Instead of their personal number, they have to dial a masked phone number when the service professional needs to communicate with the customer. This helps organizations to ensure that consumer data is protected and that their privacy is not violated. It also allows all service-related notifications delivered by experts to be checked and the service’s status to be identified.

  8. To supervise communication in the cab aggregator market

    In order to track the on-call contact between the driver and passenger, companies that offer cab facilities to customers around the cities use the call masking solution. A masked number is allocated to them for further contact, while the driver is assigned to the passenger. Any discussion about the ride is done solely via the masked amount. This ensures surveillance of the ride taker and ride giver’s conversation and privacy and avoids off-platform transactions by both parties.

  9. To ensure safe conversations in the logistics sector

    In order to track communications between the customer and the distribution agent, companies involved in the logistics service use number masking. Via the text message and vice-versa for the agent, a masked number of the distribution agent is sent to the user. All delivery encounters take place via the masked number, ensuring a protected delivery experience. It reduces the delivery agent’s chances of incorrect delivery notifications and lets companies see the correct status.


Number masking service is not just a luxury, but its pros indicate how important it is for businesses to essentially implement it as a powerful customer retention solution. By using call masking services, you can steer clear from the need to employ a human operator to connect two parties. It offers a solution to hide phone numbers of buyers when they attempt to contact an unknown business representative or when an agent approaches customers.

Tackle your existing business challenges and protect sensitive customer data with masked phone numbers.

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