Call management for Recruitment Sector

The recruitment sector is an evergreen stream in our market. It’s because of the requirement of candidates for certain businesses even if it is small, medium, or big. Job recruitment agencies have two phases or points in their working scheme. One is Job seekers and the other is Companies which are searching for employees. Recruiting agencies will receive a high volume of calls from people looking for employment opportunities and also from companies looking for their candidates. Surely, their business through calls will be huge and it increases even more during certain peak months of the year.

Missing many important customer calls is obviously unacceptable for them. But, handling all of the calls manually acts as a big hurdle for them. In earlier stages, these agencies were using traditional landline and mobile phones for their customer communication. Owing to its limitations, they were unable to attend multiple calls simultaneously and could not ensure a 24*7 availability for their callers. Gradually as a result of these traditional call management systems, a huge number of calls were missed which particularly impacted their customer calling experience and business.

Cloud telephony can help these Stream by resolving their major problems in business communication. Cloud telephony features like Virtual phone number, IVR system, Call tracking, and recording can improve their quality of communication.

  • Virtual phone number: To attend multiple calls simultaneously.
  • IVR system: To inform the agents of the non-availability of agents and assure them of a callback.
  • Call tracking and recording: To monitor the performance of agents and ensure an upgraded customer calling experience.
  • Toll-Free Number: To offer a free of cost call to job seekers and companies.

Hence, they have able to successfully met their goal of improving their business communication. By these implementations, they can witness a 96% decrease in their missed customer calls also.

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