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Click to call service is used to eliminate desperateness and Long call waiting faced by customers by enforcing a seamless communication channel. A business website is everything for a company to stay online. After going through the website, a customer really wishes to know more about the products and services by giving a call or by mail. So, it is essential for a business to have a business number which makes the communication session smooth for the customer. Click to call simplifies the entire process of communication in a single matter of a click.

What is Click to Call?

Click to call is mainly using in websites which helps businesses to convert their website visitors to a potential client base. For adding click to call technology to a website, you simply need to add a call back button on your website. A pop-up box will open when someone clicking on it. Probably, this pop-up box prompts the visitor to enter their contact details in order to request a call back from the team. When someone filled up the pop-up and submit, an automatic system generated call will be generated to the customer and afterward, a call is made to the representative also. After this, both the calls are answered as soon as possible and the client and agent will be connected on a single call.

How click to call Boost up your Business?

Calls have a vital role in sowing faith in customers during the purchase process. Surveys state that around 70% of mobile searches label call as an essential part of their buying process. By simply using a click to call button on our website, we can increase the trust factor by providing a convenient platform for communication with the company.

Let’s have a look at some other benefits of having a click to call button on our business website:

  • Cut Downs the Call derelictions
  • Reduces call waiting
  • Boost Business efficiency with precise reports
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Attracts more potential leads
  • Increase sales

Majority of customers are more likely to search for other brands when they are unable to connect a call to a specific business. Because of this, customer interaction before the business process is very crucial for all businesses. Click to call technology make this interaction more comfortable. Definitely, this service helps a business to be more productive. Voxbay Solutions Provides the best click to call service for your business.

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