Woven in a manner to magnify the Travel and Tour industry experience

Stepping to the next phase by collaborating with Travels & Tourism.

Altogether none of us remain untouched to being mesmerized by the evergreen charm of travels and tours. But at times, its evolving and dynamic nature seems to immensely bother us too. We need to balance our notions and outlook of upgrading as well as maintain the vintage spark of the industry.

Scale-up and Scale-down your services.

We understand your requirements differ based on  off-season and on-season. So Voxbay Cloud telephony customizes your needs as per your seasonal requirements. And the best part is that you only need to pay according to your usage. You can with ease, scale up or scale down your services as per your need of the hour.

Voxbay says,  “- Pay no more than your usage.”

Puzzled how to go about On- season call traffic???

Sit back, relax, as all you need to do is enable our IVR and publish a single number throughout your advertisements over all platforms. We get how badly you are trafficked with calls when it’s in-season for you. Voxbay manages all your calls by integrating our IVR solutions and that too with just a single number. The provision to call the same executive again is also provided for the convenience of clients. 

Voxbay emphasizes on taking care of each and every call of yours, so as to never miss a call from now on.

Booking Confirmation/ Pre-trip info calls

Apart from the various inbound call traffic issues, you also have to engage and be in charge of numerous outbound calls for example  calls to confirm the booking and reservation details as well as pre-trip calls to inform your valued customer on the tour specifics. You never have to stress about missing out on anything because Voxbay manages each call efficiently.

Manage your outbound calls effortlessly with Voxbay.

Customer satisfaction

Post- service feedback calls could really be a boon in ensuring customer satisfaction. It makes sure your customer is happy with your service and if not, it will help you improve whatever holds you back. All our features and services will at the same time lead you to a simultaneous and unbeatable merit, i.e. amplified customer satisfaction.

 Enhanced customer experience is what redefines the credibility of your brand.

Better performance of telecallers

We know for sure that performance is directly proportional to accountability in cases of work and business. Voxbay offers you transparent agent login and performance reports, which allows you to keep tabs on the individual performance. This alone can yield big returns on your investment.

Voxbay in turn increases agent productivity as well as efficiency.

Manage your booking and  reservations  with Voxbay, by sending automated reminders in accordance with the travel plan of the tourists.

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