Voxbay’s cloud telephony for Cab Services

We have become so dependent on cab services that it has become the part and parcel of our monotonous lives. We are getting loaded with cab services each and every day and no doubt, they are headed out to work out this whole thing by coming forth with an alternate option in a cost-effective and hassle free manner. But besides this, there’s this very important thing that they tend to skip out on  -privacy, and that’s exactly what holds your customer back.  

And that’s what we care the most about, your customer privacy is our priority which is why  we have come up with features such as call masking.

Privacy comes first 

Major concern while booking cabs remains the same for every single one of us- safety. We are no strangers to the private numbers getting leaked and misused. And that’s what holds the riders back from choosing cab services. Voxbay acts as a liaison between Cab drivers and customers. Using our call masking feature, your customer privacy stays intact.

Choose Voxbay to shield sensitive client information with our call masking feature

Ensure happy customer services 

We understand your priorities and function accordingly. Your customer satisfaction is more of our concern than yours. So place your trust upon and give your worries a bit of a rest. We ensure that your customer services and satisfaction will never be compromised.

Enjoy an amplified customer experience with Voxbay Cloud Telephony.

Manage your inbound and outbound calls

Confused on how to manage your incoming and outgoing calls???  We know the ceaseless calls you are engaged in for pick ups. In fact it is not just the incoming calls, but the ones you miss due to being hijacked by a large number of calls at the same time. Each missed call accounts for a lost business and we totally understand how that feels. So you will no longer have to miss anything because Voxbay Cloud telephony has got it all sorted for cab services.

Voxbay is the one stop solution for all your call management needs.

Customer Call Handling

Handling multiple calls at the same time could be a herculean task. And each time attending to the call manually might exhaust you and consume your time. So once you switch to Voxbay, our customized IVR services handles each and every customer call timely and effectively and if need be transfers the call to an agent.

Exchange your call management worries for Voxbay’s Cloud based solution.

Eliminate manual labor for easy use

You all are aware of how manual management takes up all the time and productivity off your space. Communication is an important part of management and we take care of that part very efficiently and effectively. You can install Voxbay cloud telephony and get rid of all your major manual communication which automatically saves half your time for productivity. Ease up your 

Communicate without barriers. Voxbay’s cloud telephony takes care of all of it with its IVR.

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