VOXBAY Outlook for Education Sector

If you are looking for the best call management solution for your educational institution, we are the one stop solution designed into a software for all your communication needs. Voxbay all in all is amplifying the concept of personalized learning. Various networks of knowledge are constantly being developed and multiplying every now and then. We empower the very core thought of it.

What part does Voxbay play?

Manage your inbound and outbound calls effortlessly. 

The incoming as well as outgoing calls in this sector as we know is ceaseless. Call up the potential leads, track updates. Incoming enquiry calls won’t any more be missed, further a better chance at converting your potential leads to business. The provision to call the same executive again is also provided for the convenience of clients.

Missing numerous calls???? Now no more!!!.

We understand how much each call means to you. We emphasize on taking care of each and every call of yours, so as to you never miss a business opportunity now on. We recognize the volumes of  potential incoming calls you must be showered with, that include curious enquiries and loaded updates. Each call will systematically be handled with our IVR systems, this ensures all your calls remain attended. Even if you are unavailable, your call still is answered and you can check back in whenever you want to.

VOXBAY values your customer privacy

With the help of a feature as unique as call masking, your actual private number is stashed or tucked away safely. The communication process continues unhindered, without jeopardizing your privacy. In other words, we ensure your privacy by masking your private information.

Call for Support

Support team addresses all the queries and calls in case users run into any problems. These calls are handled through Voxbay. Each and every call is addressed and managed in a timely and professional manner.

SMS Reminders to Keep the Students Updated

Send SMSes to students and teachers on your platform to keep them informed about streaming live and upcoming sessions to make sure they don’t miss it. Apart from this, the cloud telephony platform also sends SMSes about offers, promotions and upgrades they may have running.

Voxbay is the best call management solution provider for education institutions.

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