VOXBAY in aid of Builders and Real Estates

Real estate is quite a people- centered industry, and yes it undoubtedly does need a regular channel for communication between the sales team and prospects across the journey. The former might need to help the latter in finding their dream homes or selling them and might need to be very patient throughout the process.

We very well know that all modes of communication won’t ever deliver the same results. Also voice communication or calls when compared to all the other channels are the ones that bring about the most effective impact on your business and prospective clients. Voxbay bridges the gap between prospects and developers. This further helps in understanding the needs better, and in working effectively on the solutions.

Overwhelmed by high-value calls???

We know how badly you are flooded with inquiry calls from  potential clients, especially your NRI client base. You do not always get ceaseless incoming calls but when you do receive a call, each call weighs a lot. Since you are not stormed with incoming calls, you might not always be alert enough to receive the prospective client calls.

It’s highly possible that the first call a potential client makes is your only chance at grabbing their attention as well as for landing the business. Never again miss a call or lose your business. All you have to do is switch to Voxbay.

Coz VOXBAY terrifically manages your Inbound calls in an organized manner.

Professional handling of Premium Customer base.

When in this industry, you are always prone to premium customers who seek for explicit guidance and need to be dealt with utter professionalism. So for that you need an unfettered system or channel which lets you manage your calls in a smooth and effective manner.  Hence Voxbay’s call management solution keeps the quality of your calls in check with our call recording feature, with which you can later track all your call data for future reference. We are the backbone to your call management and therefore help you manage your calls as well as ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction as you know is of utmost importance to us. We have never held back when it comes to providing the best of our services. Our customers have at all times expressed their contentment with our services and the way we provide support. So each of them are required to be attended to with immense zeal. So that’s where we come in with our expertise and professionalism in the domain of call management to deal effectively with your deluxe customers.

Voxbay lets you handle your supreme customer effectively and effortlessly.

Time-based routing/ Support

As we mentioned earlier, most of your customers might be calling you after having seen impressive advertisements. These calls might not necessarily be from your same nation and you can not possibly be available to recieve all these unfiltered calls and at inconvenient times. So we at Voxbay, make sure that none of your calls are missed or ineffectively attended. We provide a time-based routing which does not get affected by differences in timelines of nations. So rest assured that all your valuable calls reach the right agents at an accurate time with no hindrance.

Voxbay provides an unfettered time-based routing to manage your customers.

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