VOXBAY Cloud Telephony in favor of online deliveries

Our contemporary online delivery has completely transformed the scope of food and other e- commerce companies. Nowadays we can’t even bring ourselves to think of a place where e -marketing platforms don’t deliver. Customized for urban shopaholics and foodies, they pick up orders from various hubs and restaurants and make swift and timely deliveries to their customers.

We might only be aware of a few steps for the same such as placing orders, mode of payment, and delivery, but there’s a whole lot of process going on in between which make sure that everything falls into place and the order is delivered timely.

Call Masking

Your customer’s privacy, our priority.

Inorder for the orders to be delivered, the delivery agent needs to call the customer, which means we are supposed to share the number. We, at Voxbay, understand and respect each of your individual customer’s needs for privacy. So we mask their number. This number masking helps customers to place their valuable trust upon your business. Hence protecting the reputation of your business as well your customer’s privacy.

Superabundant calls alarming you??? We hear you !!!

Calls while placing as well as confirming an order, made during delivery and later for feedback purposes, all these are the minimal number of calls you need to make during various online deliveries. It’s not just hundreds of calls that you need to run and manage but a ceaseless number of calls you need to be in charge of. 

So Voxbay manages each call with utmost importance  and makes sure that all these abundant calls are still handled in an organized manner.

Scalable Services

The services Voxbay offers are hassle-free,  user friendly and hard line on quality which makes it perfectly scalable. Now all our online delivery services and platforms are  massively dependent on communication. Hence, it’s paramount to strike the right balance between maintaining high quality and productivity and to do the same in a cost effective manner. Our part just does not end in a single step but plays a crucial role at each step. 

We automate the services for you in order to reduce your manual load.

Market your strategy using Bulk SMS services

Your audience base never ceases to exist and so do your strategies for marketing. Each time you wish to implement a strategy, it’s not practically possible to reach out to them individually but at the same time, each individual should be able to receive the message in the same attractive and efficient manner. So step up and reach out to them all at once using Voxbay’s bulk SMS feature and text them your contemporary marketing strategies. 

Market  your brand new or upcoming services, products, discounts, store and availability updates as well as other promotional offers through SMS marketing.

Boost your customer experience with Voxbay

For any business to flourish, the customer’s satisfaction is very important. Even the flaws and drawbacks expressed in customer feedback are very pivotal in your business growth. Likewise all these above mentioned factors lead you to a satisfied customer, which is all you need at the end of the day. An amplified customer experience is the beginning to the success story of your business.


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