Voxbay, all for the Automobile Industry

Enhance your customer experience and functional efficiency all in all with VOXBAY.

Why switch to Voxbay cloud telephony?

When looking out for the automobile industry, it covers a lot more than servicing for instance used vehicle selling platforms, rentals, among others. And we understand the ceaseless inbound and outbound calls that you have to deal with, such as sales calls, pre and post service, feedback , insurance renewal and breakdown service calls.

A platform to provide unified communications that is what Voxbay intends to be for you.

Boost your Sales with Accountable Reports

We are no strangers to the fact that accountability remarkably enhances the performance of the sales team. Voxbay offers you transparent agent login and performance reports, which allows you to keep tabs on the individual performance. This alone can yield big returns on your investment.

Voxbay in turn increases agent productivity as well as efficiency.

 Support Center 

 We always update your customer when it’s about time for their servicing with pre- service calls. As we know, there are an unlimited number of perks, if we have a round the clock support center. Smart IVR is what rules out any slip-up in the usual functioning. It always updates your customer when it’s about time for their servicing with pre- service calls. Without any third party help, customers can keep tabs on their servicing status, refund etc.

 Step up to Voxbay and the rest of your call management issues turns history.

Customer satisfaction

Post- service feedback calls could really be a boon in ensuring customer satisfaction. It makes sure your customer is happy with your service and if not, it will help you improve whatever holds you back. All our features and services will at the same time lead you to a simultaneous and unbeatable merit, i.e. amplified customer satisfaction.

 Enhanced customer experience is what redefines the credibility of your brand.

Transparency in Dealership activities

There are times when we face ample issues unable to have transparency of what is going on with the services once you have given in the vehicle for the same. Call recording at such times can come in handy as it offers insights to the sales activities of the dealerships. 

Automated post-sale conversations

 Reviews/ feedback, offers, service reminders etc. can all be automated soon after a sale or later in order to enhance the operational efficiency. This is something which your customer can never turn a blind eye to.This will always catch the attention of your customers and make them love your services even more. 

Feedbacks also help you improve your in-house productivity and planning.

SMS updates and reminders

 Our SMS gateway makes it a point to deliver in time. Our SMS reminders can be customized according to your service needs such as plan renewals, status updates etc. When customers are updated regularly, they tend to be 50% more satisfied.

Voxbay is quick and dynamic towards all your customization needs. We make it a priority to keep your customers well informed.

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