Cloud Telephony to The Healthcare Rescue

When it comes to the healthcare industry, each and every second is priceless. Each minute counts for your patient. Our time-effective solutions are customized in accordance with your needs. We make sure your manual work is easier with our cloud technology. Automated solutions for patient logs handling is just a step ahead of your view. 

How’s Voxbay resolving management issues in Healthcare?

Minimize Managerial tasks with IVR 

Loaded with incoming calls??? Worry not!!! Coz Voxbay is here to take care of your calls as well as to take the load off your manual shoulders.

Voxbay, through its IVR, attends your inbound calls via its auto-receptive feature, which further lets your staff manage their remaining duties effectively and efficiently. It multiplies your functional efficiency, manages your administrative tasks in a cost effective manner and eases up the whole communication process within the departments as it quickly transfers and routes the calls to their respective targeted receptionist.

Upgrade to VOXBAY and effortlessly track patients’ previous records.

Integrate your hospital systems and our IVR to avail maximum benefits. Keep track of all the required data regarding your patients such as their previous records, current prescriptions, follow-up visit schedules etc. All this aids in keeping a more permanent copy of your patient records and also to keep a track on their present health and updated medications.

Appointment scheduling, Reminder messages ,prescription reminders with Bulk SMS

This feature very effectively schedules appointments and prescriptions and carefully directs them to the respective patient.

This feature helps you send customized recorded  messages and broadcasts them to the respective patients. The software we handle, makes the call to the respective patient and plays the previously recorded voice note. Customization can be done according to the customer as well as provider’s needs adding the names, medication, timing at which medicine to be taken etc.

Systematic handling of staffing

Constantly distressed with thoughts of handling countless staffing? At hospitals, it sometimes does get uncontrolled while managing the staff. With Voxbay, you can very easily keep tabs on your staff, their work, presence, absenteeism, leaves etc. It does not require manual effort to manage your day to day staff activities.

No more worries about staff handling as we are here to take care of it, with a very organized and systematic approach.

Toll free number to the rescue

In case of any health emergency, a quick call to and for health assistance always comes in handy. We offer to provide you with this very number for enhanced customer satisfaction with our Toll free number. Also when an emergency strikes hard, send voice broadcasts to your staff at a single go. All your staff must be well informed and prepared to tackle an emergency and handle any number of casualties.

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