Cloud Telephony for Financial Institutions

You are no stranger to scheduling finance operations, making deposits, bill payment, withdrawal, balance check, EMI reminders etc. But the catch is that now you do not need to manually handle all these, Voxbay’s cloud based call management solution caters to all your and customer needs. Voxbay’s Cloud telephony solution being user friendly and scalable, is undoubtedly a touchstone for Finance sector call management.

The features which you might find intriguing;

Swiftness in Set Up

Finances we understand do not have a second to spare. So we make quick and smart moves to effectively set up your remote call centers. Without wasting any time, configure the IVR, integrate it with your CRM if need be, add agents to the dashboard and that’s it, start taking  calls,  meanwhile the employees can work efficiently towards other aspects of your business.

DUH!!! Voxbay offers user-friendly solutions.

When it comes to the finance sector, we need something that can easily be managed by us. Changes, we do understand need to be made every now and then and we can not always depend on the solution providers to do it. Besides we need to do things our way so VOXBAY empowers you to easily do so by customizing the solution for your ease and convenience. 

Scalability of the Solution 

With the growing customer base, huge incoming call volume is just not a surprise. At such times, a scalable as well as credible solution is what seems pivotal, and that is exactly what Voxbay Cloud Telephony offers. Using hardware interfaces might limit you the number of calls you handle simultaneously but with Voxbay you can choose the number of calls you wish to handle.

With the help of Voxbay’s Cloud Telephony, businesses have been able to tend to each and every incoming query without being worried about missing other important calls.

Customized Services as per business requirements.

Each enterprise and their management deals as well as needs are different, we understand. So we customize our services for most convenient use as per the business requirements.

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