Toll Free Numbers for Tours & Travel Companies

There are few things in life that can have a major impact on your overall wellbeing and traveling is one of them. Everyone likes to travel the world. According to some studies, The Tourism sector of India grew over by 30% in the six months from April-September, compared to a year ago. This powerful growth is now slowly re-shaping the tourism business. In times of these sudden growths in the travel world, a reliable and accessible communication method is the reassurance all travelers need. With a tech-savvy generation leading the way, toll-free numbers are now more important than ever for travel companies. Really, the toll-free numbers are proving to be beneficial not only for the travelers but for the tours & travel companies as well. Let us see what all benefits they are getting by using a Toll-Free number for their Business.

  • Credibility Gaining

Having a toll-free number for a business ensures a sense of credibility and reliability while creating an impressionable brand image on potential clients. By this Amazing technology of communication, all doubts are taken care of by assuring a transparent conversation of the details involved in the process. The strengthening of the brand image by word of mouth is really credibility gaining.


  • Satisfied Customers

Usually while planning a trip to somewhere, one needs to engage in a lot of telephonic communication related to the accommodations, food, etc. which can be expensive. Toll-free numbers make sure that travel companies seem convenient and cost-effective to the customers as calls can be made free of charge to them. This simple hack makes the customer satisfied. Also, the accessibility to travel companies is a must for travelers because of transport glitches, sudden changes in the itinerary or the weather are very common and toll-free numbers which guarantee twenty-four hours availability is a perfect solution for this.


  • Customer Analysis for Business growth

The Database has an important role in every Business. Customer numbers tracking & call-recording help in creating a large database for customer analysis. Directly addressing customer’s grievances is an efficient manner to solve queries of them.

Most of the high-quality toll-free number providers such as Voxbay Solutions give an add-on Call CRM dashboard to their customers to easily analyze the calls and understand customer’s expectations or patterns.


  • Customer Base widening

Toll-free numbers are very easy to remember and so it will increase the numbers of incoming calls and clients. Here the company bears the call costs which attracts potential clients and in-return ensures a significant increase in one’s business. By this, the customer database will increase either it is converted or not.


  • Better Call Handling

No enquires go unanswered because Toll-free numbers can handle multiple calls simultaneously. And no customer is left hanging on the call because intelligently created call routing structure ensures it. 24×7 accessibility along with free calls and quick responses to the travel queries puts the customers to ease the communication.

Moreover, all Tours and travel companies either it is small or big can be made successful by using toll-free numbers as it gives customers the freedom to contact them easily and free of charge, ensuring credibility and making a nationwide presence. Most importantly, with emerging cloud telephony solutions in the markets, setting up a toll-free number has become much easier and economical by eliminating all the intermediate infrastructural setup.

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