Importance of DID Number in Your Office

DID Numbers are Direct inward Dialling Numbers which are exactly Virtual Numbers. They allow you to route all calls to your existing telephone lines such as your office phones or other. DID Numbers are very important today because of the increasing in IP communications and hosted phone systems. DID Numbers are developed in order to be able to assign certain employees a direct number, without requiring multiple physical phone lines. One DID number is able to route and process thousands of simultaneous calls to the proper extensions. A company have to maintain one DID Number for route all calls to an unlimited number of extensions. DID services help a customer to reach directly to an extension or a group of extensions. DID also allows you to add extra toll free or local numbers to your account. This makes telephone service more cost effective for your business.

The Advantages of DID Numbers include, Cost Savings, Lower labour Expenses and Improve the local presence. The local presence of a company improves level of comfort in customers due to the close access and the faster service availability. If you use DID numbers, your telephone number is no longer restricted by your geographical location. This will lead to get higher customer appreciation. Clients tend to feel that they are getting a better level of service when they are able to directly reach an individual.

Voxbay Solutions provides Indian DID Numbers with lowest price and excellent voice quality. We got a multiple range of Indian DID Numbers, stands with mobile number, Landline numbers. We also provide hosted PBX services with DID number.

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