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* No hidden Charges. Charges apply purely based on usage. (Virtual Number, Channels, Users, SMS)
  • Multi-level IVR

    It's a customized automated response that guides the caller through its self help features.

  • Call Recording

    Records and saves calls for future reference by the admin.

  • Call Monitoring

    It is used for quality assurance purposes and team training.

  • Call Barging

    It allows you to step in on live calls.

  • Call Transfer

    It allows you to quickly transfer any incoming call to any desired user extension.

  • Call Conferencing

    It allows you to easily add multiple people to the ongoing call.

  • Time Based Routing

    It allows automated call handling beyond office hours.

  • Virtual Number

    It uses safe PSTN to place real time calls.

  • Call Masking

    This feature enhances security by maintaining privacy of conversations.

  • Agent login and Performance Reports

    It gives complete access to one’s login and performance reports.

  • Voice Mail

    In the absence or unavailability of the call receiver, this easily records your voice note and saves it to the retriever’s digital mailbox.

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