Super Receptionist – To Improve Productivity

Voxbay Solutions, Leading PBX Solutions providers of India. There are many other PBX companies in India providing call handling solutions like Super Receptionist from Knowlarity. By Using this Super Receptionist or Smart Voice solution, People who handles businesses calls can able to view full call records on their mobile and Laptops. Features Include Tracking of these Calls with a touch of a button.

Nowadays, Call management in business is more and more challenging. Telephonic calls enhance a wide opportunity to increase leads. Indian Business men are always needed to track their all business calls and to track the opportunities those calls can bring. Other Features of this Super Receptionist include, Call analytics, click to call option, and indicator for the business health. An attractive feature to Track location of the customer is also included. By super receptionist or Smart Voice, a Customer will get a full service of Call management for his business. Customers Don’t have to worried about their safety because, we are giving a primary importance to everyone’s data. We know business data are very sensitive. Voxbay presenting a personal call manager by this Smart Voice like super receptionist. It can able to handle all your calls when you are busy. The best benefit of super receptionist is it had an option to filter out all the unwanted calls that you do not want to answer.

“By this solution, customers can increase their productivity and can reduces downtime with quick access to information’s of customers”, said Mohammed Shabeer, CEO of Voxbay solutions. Voxbay Solutions is a leading Cloud telephony solution provider in India and the smart voice app is another example of how we are using their experience to help clients and transform their business methods.

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