How to Install a PBX System

Steps to install a PBX system

It is important to plan properly when you are installing a PBX system in your office. Sometimes, installing and running PBX systems can be a complex process. That’s why people call companies to fix it up. Here we gave only a small portion of study to direct you to better and easy installation of office phones such as PBX systems. You can follow these steps in order to install a PBX system yourself in your office or home.

Go through a study about the premises and make it as a diagram

First of all Inspect and study all premises and its features. Before you take any of the installation work you must examine the PBX equipment and place where it will be installed. It is better to make the area which we are planning to install our PBX system to be protected from any harm. It’s better to keep and care for PBX equipment and its related premises in an air-conditioned area. The simple but important factors such as earthing, power connections and power back must be checked and to be verified multiple times. For any PBX Systems or machines to be working the most important thing is to check the earthing. It’s better to keep the area or room to be dust free. After all the inspections and study, the next step is to create a connection diagram for our PBX systems. A connection diagram is a good path finder for a good installation. In the connection diagram, the most important thing is the PBX modules which are like PBX machines, PBX Phones, Battery connection etc. Setting a very clear and precise connection diagram for PBX system installation it’s easy to go through the next steps.

The Extension lines of PBX systems should be wired properly

A connection diagram plays a very important role in setting up and installation of a PBX system. Next is to finalize the layout. Extension lines should be wired in this phase. All the extensions in a PBX system should be wired in this stage. Keep in mind that we need to enhance the current system in future. So, one should always keep in mind future enhancement and redundancy should be maintained. Suppose, a room or hall has a requirement for getting 10 connections. So preferably, the total number of connections or wires terminated in that hall should be twice of 10. That is about 20. Normally wiring should be Sealed for protection. If it is unsealed there are possibilities of increasing cable cutting or disconnections of the system parts. It’s better to avoid small mistakes to make a good PBX system in your office.

Programming of PBX machines

Next and last phase for the successful installation of a PBX system in your office is to be configured. When the wiring process is complete, the PBX machine should be configured. Documentation is important in this section. All the features that require such as number plans, the complete list of extension lines should be documented properly and stored safely. Every extension should be numbered on MDF and stored for any future reference. After numbering and tagging, it should be sealed properly. No unauthorized person should be allowed to make any changes in your PBX system.

Once all programming, configuration of the PBX is complete, it should have been checked and verified. Once it is completed, the programming data should be backed up and stored for future restoration if any problem occurs.

These are the main three steps one must follow while installing PBX machines at the office or workplace. We at Voxbay Solutions provide the best PBX systems in Kochi, Kerala, Ernakulam and worldwide. We have a skilled team of technicians to fulfill your PBX Solutions.

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