Call Tracking Feature for Effective Marketing Analysis

Today, businesses are looking for tools that can generate better value for the end-users. Call tracking is a necessary part of business communication and many businesses have not given it a serious thought about what exactly call tracking means. There are many advancements that it brings to business communication. Not only the growing startups, small and big businesses, and enterprises are mostly relying on one indispensable medium of communication that is the telephone. Over 80% of the business communication happens over the phone calls and hence call tracking itself becomes a mode to track the valuable user data like never before.

Voxbay’s Smartvoice embossed a powerful tool for Call tracking which is able to automatically become the sole medium for tracking the user data. With this feature, businesses are able to determine how they can improve their customer service and how effective it is currently. This tracking also paves the way for improving the customer experience. Hence, this solution not only accelerates the customer conversion rate but also builds up customer trust and satisfaction. The efficiency of a Call tracking system ranges from simply knowing the location of the user to the different source from that customer might have learned about our business. Basically, we can say that it is the measurement where businesses can see the effects and results of the marketing campaigns they have run in the past. By getting these reports, a business can evaluate which marketing tactics are efficient and which one needs to stop.  After the welcoming message, our agent can ask: “Thank you for choosing us. Could you please tell us where did you get to know about us?” (Customer tells him from where he learns about the company). There are no second thoughts in saying how It is the most prominent way to channelize your business communication.

Our complete call management system can be really beneficial with call tracking that includes features such as call recording, live call transfer and a well-customized IVR to address the customers professionally and guiding the customers to different options. 

Benefits of Call Tracking

  •         Measurable ROI (Return on Investment)
  •         Review of Performance
  •         Will get full Insights of callers
  •         Daily Reports
  •         For analyzing the performance of a team
  •         Quick Follow-ups
  •         For analyzing the performance of offline marketing

Bringing this call tracking feature into the picture can be really essential for both the businesses and the customers. Are you looking for an organization to enable call tracking for your business calls.? Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about this. Call us at 9946869229.

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