What are the different types of Outbound dialers?

An outbound dialer is a software or a cloud-based application that allows your contact center to make outbound calls. Outbound calls are a great way to boost your sales considerably. Essentially these outbound dialing systems speed up and automate the outbound calls, increasing the efficiency of the existing systems and bringing out the desired results for customer service as well as aiding your business to flourish. Depending on the way you decide to resolve these and upon the efficiencies, there are four dialers precisely to meet your respective needs. The type of outbound dialers is Preview Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, and of course the basic manual dialer. Below stated are the four Outbound Dialers as provided by Voxbay Solutions. 

Manual Dialer

A manual or basic Dialer where the agents dial the contact number from the list of the customers manually one after the other.

Preview Dialer 

While indulging in the use of preview dialing, an agent signals when they are prepared to host the next call and is popped up with information about the upcoming contact to be prepared beforehand for the conversation. The agent should go through the material carefully and by the time they are done with it, they will have all the information necessary to address the situation in the best possible way.

This dialer can be used for sensitive and complex call situations. Though the preview dialing provides agents with the most contextual information, it also picks a very slower pace relative to other outbound calling methods.

The preview all dialer provides a precise view of the upcoming call and also equips the agent with time to review the content further to hold the conversation in a personalized manner.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialing is pretty much similar to the preview dialer. The similarity is that here again agents can indicate when they are all set for the next call. The difference is that agents are equipped with customer information simultaneously with the call. This paces up the outgoing call process but leaves the agent with lesser time to be prepared with the information. In case a dialed number does not respond, the system moves automatically on to the next number. The wastage of time is minimal in the process.

If you are high on enhanced customer service and loyalty, then you might want to choose progressive dialing. This is very prominently used by the sales team for renewing the sales or rehashing the deals.

These dialers aid agents to maximize their time spent on the phone. Agents use these dialers to make back-to-back calls at the maximum speed. It dials a number and connects the agents when someone actually answers. If an agent wishes to voicemail, they are free to do so or can hang up and be placed back in the queue.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are the one-stop solution for the calls to handling the ceaseless volume of outbound calls. They are quite efficient as agents are connected to the calls only when someone answers. This enables agents to make multiple calls at the same time. When someone answers, they are automatically routed to the next available agent. 

When the software reaches a voicemail or busy signal, it gets disconnected and continues on to a different number. When the agent is done with the call, they are disconnected and could be sent back to the queue to wait for the next one.

Once the agents are done with the ongoing call, they are immediately connected to the live callers. A predictive dialer determines when the next call should take place based on the average call duration. This is quite productive and paces up the whole process of outbound calling. Just like the perks it offers, there is a downside to the dialer too. The risk is that it is more likely for a live caller to end up on the phone with no one on the other end, leading to abandoned calls. 

 Predictive dialing is used for customer service follow-up, telemarketing, market research, and outbound sales prospecting. 

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