Virtual Number – One Number, Many Benefits

India has risen to host the highest number of startups after China and the United States. Most of our startups are getting increasingly competitive with an oversupply of new businesses joining the market. For survival, it is paramount for all startups to acquire more efficient methods of business and communications. This is where a virtual phone number’s role comes in. Indian startups are increasingly adopting virtual phone number services as a centralized gadget to boost customer communication.

A virtual business number is automatically programmed to distribute incoming calls to any number or device that you choose. Virtual phone numbers are not linked to any physical telephone line like our traditional telephonic systems. Every Smart entrepreneur is using ensures that the communication part of your business is always smooth and well-designed.

You can choose an attractive Business number for your startup. This will automatically redirect incoming calls to your private number, so you never miss a call. This means you don’t need to share your personal phone number publicly to attend a business call with your personal number. By this, an entrepreneur doesn’t need two SIM cards for separating personal and business calls.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Numbers.?

  • Virtual phone numbers help businesses to boost their revenue by proper handling of leads.
  • Helps to improve customer loyalty by efficiently gearing up every incoming call.
  • A Virtual Number Isn’t Tied Down to a Single Phone.
  • Virtual phone numbers help in gathering data on the busiest days and hours for customer queries.
  • Answered with an automatic response that presents the caller with a quick choice based on the nature of their query,
  • Your Private Number stays Private.
  • Saves tithe agent’s time with the help of IVR, which redirects the caller to their correct destination.

The virtual number comes with many robust features like a call management portal, IVR integration, real-time reports, SMS notifications etc.  Using a virtual phone number for your business can be extremely useful, and it will allow you to create a far better, more professional experience for your customers. You can obtain a new virtual number from Voxbay Solutions which comprises local and toll-free numbers, or port in your existing number to be used with a virtual telephony system.

If you are confused about switching from the traditional system, don’t worry. 

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