How to set a Flawless IVR for your Business?

IVR is pretty much a common service nowadays for enhanced business communications. A company which keeps its customer satisfaction at the forefront can never get away without installing a good IVR for its business. A customer-friendly brand can never afford to ignore customer queries. If the customers feel unattended, it’s about to prove problematic for your customer retention rates as well as your brand building. To avoid such situations, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to enhance the customer experience with your IVR. Let’s take a look at a few of them ;

A complicated IVR is always a constant turn-off for customers

Customers who tend to ring a business, are always on the lookout for solutions to their queries. But many companies seem to miss out on the customer perspective while designing an IVR. An IVR designed with multiple levels and more than five options at each level are quite confusing for the callers to deal with.  A confused customer can this way not be able to find the solution to his query. And when all is said and done, they disconnect the call. It is going to leave a bitter impression on your customers. To avoid this, first, you must evaluate the simplicity of your IVR structuring.  

Make it simple and user-friendly.

Being repetitive while asking questions or  providing the answers to their queries 

The customers are looking for quick resolutions and they would never like to answer the same questions in an IVR twice. It delays the whole process and pretty much tests the patience levels of the listener. This is again a major turn-off for the callers when a call is every time transferred to a new agent or even answered by a different agent. To solve this problem, i.e for callers to be connected to the agent they previously discussed the issue with, it’s more convenient, which is why Voxbay has a provision called “STICKY AGENT”

Putting customers on hold for long periods

Call waiting meddles with the enhanced customer experience for the callers. When the call hold time is significantly higher, there are higher chances for the callers to go ballistic. It is not fair that the call hold time crosses the 1-2 minute mark. The average call hold time is also one of the most crucial call center metrics that define the efficiency of any call center. Low call on-hold times indicates that call centers can provide quick customer support. chcdudcuhddcdknc

Unwanted Robotic Conversations

If a caller requests to connect with an agent, they are looking for a personalized conversation and human response. This indicates that the scope for an automated response has been completely ruled out. Agents are trained to follow scripted answers for every situation from the very welcome greetings to thanking messages. Situations further in case of disagreements between the customer and the agent. In place of personalized response, the agent’s robotic replies will lead to customers being pissed off with your services. The solution is prioritizing personalization. 

IVR systems are revolutionizing voice communication.

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