How To Manage After- Hours Calls More Effectively

We have long heard and known the words, missing a call means missing out on a business. As a business owner very well recognises, missing essential business calls can have a devastating impact on their respective business. The business industry is getting more competitive by the day and each enterprise is coming up with creative and innovative strategies.  

We miss a lot of calls when our business representatives are busy and even more after office hours. So we need to find alternative ways to pick up these calls after hours to make them feel like we are there when they need us. 

How to manage after-hour calls effectively?

The best and most effective way to do so successfully is by adhering to a time-based routing.

Time-based routing manages your calls even after office hours. This helps the caller to reach the right and available person without any loss of time. We know this in turn takes care of constant call handling. And as we acknowledge, the best of our game can only be made by client satisfaction. 

And that can only be achieved through round-the-clock accessibility.  We need to make sure of extensive customer support

We have to travel a long way to ensure that this service is very well managed.

The benefits of Time based routing are as follows:   

  • Uninterrupted Customer service

    With this feature, you could effortlessly offer your customers unfettered customer service and create a brand reputation that stands strong and distinct from others.
  • Your business remains open to users 24×7.

    This creates a huge opportunity for your business to emerge globally. The more the number of attended calls, the more customers you can cater to.
  •  You have enhanced customer credibility upon your business.

Now since the number of calls has significantly risen, the more tended to your customer feels. And this way they will be more comfortable putting their faith in your business and service, and you will effortlessly retain the customer.

Other than all these, there are various plus points of indulging in

  1. Expand to newer regions and time zones

Now, most of you after having entrenched your business in your native place would like to expand to the next place and internationally. And this means you need to manage customers from different time zones and regions. And now you know one of the best perks of time-based routing. You be in any time zone, and you can easily handle your customers with the help of time-based routing.

            This way your clients can reach you wherever you are.

  1. Remote monitoring and team management

    When you have a lot of remote workers and your company is promoting work from home, this is very time-based routing. The feature has a huge scope shortly and a lot longer after that.
  2. Flexibility for Entrepreneurs

    All business owners need good call management to make sure they are stormed by calls. Time-based routing ensures business owners more flexibility to continue focusing on product and service development or marketing efforts.
  1. Maybe a tech solopreneur wants to accept calls only between 12 pm and 2:30 pm. For the rest of the day, calls can be forwarded to voicemail or remote offices, as needed. This way, time-based routing ensures business owners more flexibility to continue focusing on product and service development or marketing efforts.
  2. Work from Anywhere!

    Lastly, time-of-day routing frees users to work from anywhere. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure or need to relocate, etc., simply have incoming calls sent to your location during periods convenient for both you and your customers.

Get started with Time-Based Routing And run your global expansion smoothly

If you are on the road to expansion, time-based routing is a tool you are going to need to nail your business. You can easily avail of time-based routing when you sign up for a virtual number plan. Once you switch your call management to Voxbay Solutions, everything can be handled through your admin panel and goes into effect immediately.

Time-based routing allows you to route calls from one location to another during specific times whenever sought for. With this tool, your business can be open to your customers 24×7, people can reach out to you at any time. This boosts your credibility as well as your number of answered calls. 

Expand your global presence and manage customer calls without fail and more effectively.

Time-based routing allows you to adjust the routing of your incoming calls based on the time of day. For example, you can use these to automatically forward calls to voicemail in the evenings or at weekends.

Manage Incoming Calls More Effectively

This helps in not just manage incoming calls but also aids in managing your caller ID in the system, that of in the time zone and set up to 10 rules to have the system perform tasks

such as forwarding all calls, receiving faxes, or receiving voice messages on selected days at selected time slots.

Expand Your International Presence

This feature allows you to strengthen the presence of your business worldwide. If you have your business spread in multiple locations in different time zones, then you can route the calls according to your convenient working hours. 

Answer Calls Promptly

On average, a ring usually takes around six seconds. Therefore, when handling after-hour calls, it is an excellent courtesy to receive the call after the third ring. 

However, if you let the phone ring five times without an answer, the caller might take it as a sign of disinterest. On the other hand, you should avoid receiving the calls immediately as you might catch the person calling off guard.

Promptly receiving your calls shows that you care for the person calling and are willing to provide them with the needful assistance.


Knowing how to best handle after-hour calls is paramount if you are determined to outdo the highly potential competitors. Make your customers feel that you’re always there for them, which will benefit your business in the long run and need to say the amount of credibility it brings in.

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