How an IVR System Empowers the Health Industry during Covid-19 Pandemic?

The healthcare industry across the globe is struggling to keep pace with the corona outbreak and its consequences. An increase in the number of patients also raises a lot of barriers now. Allowing remote diagnosis and treatment for non-critical patients is an effective remedy to handle this situation. During these COVID times, there has been 80-90% of the increase in telemedicine appointments, which shows the scope and importance of this service. The medical industry is using the latest technology to reduce direct in-person visits. They are also able to ensure that everyone who needs medical care gets it on time, without any geographic limitations. Moreover, remote consultations are beneficial for patients because a lesser number of  outings indicate reduced exposure as well as risk of disease. In emerging cloud technologies that drive tele-healthcare, IVR emerges as a pioneer.

Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.” Ryan Reynolds

Many healthcare organizations have achieved technology overnight by investing in cloud telephony solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are relying on technology they have never used before.

Merits of cloud technology solutions for healthcare providers:

  1. IVR for self-service

    An IVR system is able to empower patients with a number of self-service benefits. It includes scheduling hospital visits, requesting prescription refills, getting answers for frequently asked questions, and more.
  2. For getting timely reminders

    IVR system that provides outbound broadcasting features allows automated reminders for patients. It can be used for getting prescriptions, timely medications, appointment notifications, and so much more.
  3. For getting Instant Notifications

Hospitals can share emergency notifications via call or SMS in case of fluctuations in the patient’s health status. Organizations can take things one step further with the implementation of IVR technology with remote patient monitoring systems.

Benefits of IVR system for Healthcare Industry

  • Highly scalable and feasible
  • Reduces the staff workload 
  • Improves patient access
  • Patients will get a better access to your services
  • Will connect patients to their required departments

Covid-19 has taught many lessons to the healthcare industry. It has strengthened their commitment towards delivering the best patient care. To battle this pandemic panic, the hospital industry needs to implement these services as quickly as possible. The best way to go ahead is to look for an IVR service provider that you can trust for their service quality and reliability.

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