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Interactive Voice Response, in short, we call IVR solutions aids a business to boost their customer service experience by allowing the callers to choose their desired department or person to talk. Today, most of the businesses using IVR solutions to automate their customer service delivery and cut the cost of customer care. By using cloud-hosted IVRs, businesses can enhance the calling process to ensure maximum customers are satisfied with the calling experience.

Here we are explaining some IVR optimization practices that help to design an outstanding IVR which can able to boost customer satisfaction dramatically.

  • Make the IVR Clear and Humanized

It is scientifically proved that we can express our feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about what someone says not only by the words they use but also by their speaking, tone of voice and body language. An automated IVR system has a mechanized voice while interacting with customers in the call. By, using a human recorded IVR, a business can able to keep intimacy with the caller. So, the businesses have the option to keep callers engaged by ensuring the message is clear and voice is pre-recorded by a human. Cloud telephony service providers give the option to get this pre-recorded IVR message from a professional voice artist or choose from a variety of voice templates.


  • Regulate Menu to 30 Seconds

Most of the customers are disconnect the call when it is difficult to understand and navigate IVR. Simplifying the menu options is the best way to focus while designing an outstanding IVR. The businesses should ensure that the IVR menu doesn’t have any irrelevant or unnecessary options that mis navigate the caller. Also, we can prioritize the menu options according to the importance and frequency of customer’s needs. A Simple menu structure is better for callers to resolve their issues or collect information accurately without any hassle.


  • Reduce Call Holding Time

It’s better to design an IVR in such a way that minimizes the call hold time and helps the caller to get the resolution faster. Don’t try to waste customer’s time by playing a promotional message or advertisement once the call is connected. Holding time distracts customers from the actual motive of them and good communication is not possible at such times. Ensure our IVR options are easy for customers and they are not confused while navigating it. Also, it’s better to add an additional option to jump back to the previous and main menu when a customer mistakenly chooses the wrong input.


  • Enable a Callback

In some situations, many customers feel frustrated and disconnect the call when they have to wait longer to communicate with any of the agents. To improve customer service experience by offering a callback feature is the best option for businesses. It enables callers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold. While designing an IVR system, the decision-makers must present the call back option if the call hold exceeds a minimum time limit.

After setting all factors, Test the Custom IVR Solution before its Implementation. We can assess the IVR solution’s performance accurately by testing it. In this testing phase, we can identify the modifications and enhancements required for better customer service delivery and minimize customer effort. IVR is a boon for businesses that is in a struggle to deliver superior customer service. Best designed IVR helps them to implement outstanding customer support. Voxbay Solutions provides the best in class IVR solutions designed to increase better business communication.

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