Common mistakes that our telecallers make

Your telecallers are one of your company’s major representatives and cast forth your brand image. So if you are worried about what’s not working out with your telecallers, Voxbay is all set with a list of solutions that can come in handy.

Telecallers are one of our most essential representatives to our clients. They must be well equipped with all the pre-requisite knowledge, all the dos and don’ts of the same before actually getting on to deal with the customers.

So there are these major mistakes which might look like small ones but can even jeopardize the brand names if not taken care of. So let’s just keep in mind the following:

  • Too-little research

    Market research is the foremost step in telemarketing. Know the audience, their needs, pain points and their organization very well. Adequate research is pretty important when trying to strike a sale via telecalling. Not having done good research might land you in trouble in the long run. Knowing your competitors can be merit.
  • Skipping on the Introduction

    While striking a conversation with a stranger, it is paramount that you introduce yourself. This will encourage the listener to have a better understanding of your product or service in further conversation.
  • Having an aggressive sales pitch

    People often tend to confuse energy with aggression when it comes to the sales tone. Energy is something that can impress your listener and make the person attentive to your pitch and at the same time the aggressive tone turns your listener off more often. Your tone does matter a lot in telemarketing. If you set your tone high in the beginning, the listener will feel dominated by you, which is not at all good for your brand image. Most of the time an inexperienced telecaller might not be well-versed with the pitch and also be very concentrated on closing the deal instead of making the listener comfortable.
  • Being too assertive

    If someone is interested in availing of your services, they eventually will. You are supposed to impress with your tone, pitch and message delivery. Don’t be assertive or forceful. Pitch your products in the most polite way possible.
  • Not paying attention to what the person has to say

    This could really be a major turn-off. Not listening to them, you are wasting your own and their time. Yes, you should focus on the sale but also be attentive to if the sale can take place in the first place. Listen to what the customer wants to say and how he responds.
  • Pitching to the wrong person

    You need sales to happen, but it is never gonna happen if you are pitching to the wrong person.  It is very much possible that you are talking to an assistant who is not the prospect, and might not effectively transfer your message.

    Make sure you are talking to the concerned person, only then start pitching.
  • Starting with an outdated database

    A database should always be complete details present in it. If you are going to indulge in calls for sales, good research is mandatory.
  • Do not make it sound too much like a sales call

    It is more likely that a person will hang up the call in the first 30 seconds if it sounds like a sales call. This is one of the topmost mistakes your telecallers might be making. Your objective throughout the call should be finding references and booking appointments to meet up with the prospects rather than just keeping on boasting bout your products and services.
  • Completely dependent on scripts

    A base script we understand is very important for you to be well-versed with the concepts. It is just your guide. Being completely reliant on script might sound very artificial. Instead, try to be conversational, improvise every now and then and of course be very polite.

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