Call masking & Roll Tasks for potential Business output

Call masking

Customer confidentiality is the top most priority on our to-do list. What call masking feature basically does is that it masks the numbers on both the ends yet does not meddle with the conversational quality. It conceals or hides the phone numbers from getting disclosed.

How business benefits: Here the number is kept confidential at both the ends but stored in a business database for any further reference. Only the business holder will be able to see the customer number throughout the call; which will then be distributed to the different agents/executives assigned for work.

Why should we start using it?

The call masking ensures safe handling of customer privacy. It also helps in the assessment of the agent/executives assigned for work. Their performance can be analyzed and also customer feedback plays a crucial role in their overall performance rating. Masking also primarily as well as most importantly ensures security from frauds and scams, transactional safety which enhances the overall safety and experience of monetary exchanges.

Masked phone numbers thus take over the action of platform-limited transactions, preventing buyers and sellers from unsound off-platform transactions that may lead to a false operation. This can also increase productivity of the business agents/executives, because they will be vigilant that all their operations are constantly monitored and performance is being tracked and rated on each call. As a result, businesses can establish sheer transparency about an agent’s ability and actions through real-time call reports. They can also improve their existing service by allowing customers to share their experience .

Businesses can use call masking to protect their customer data as well as roll out the tasks to their employees/executives/agents and track everything that happens in their business.

Call Masking Process

  • Customer makes a call to your business
  • Customer’s numbers land on the business server.
  • Customer number will be distributed through the business servers to the concerned agent/executive number
  • Transferring the call will be safely done without revealing customer information and keeping customer data for further business needs.
  • Agent/Executive number is tracked, monitored and recorded along with the customer experience feedback after each call. Helping in performance analyses.

Leading call masking solution provider in India

Voxbay Solutions, the leading providers of such solutions in India have developed the Call masking service by closely analyzing many business needs. This feature proves how important it is for businesses to essentially implement it as a powerful customer retention solution. The call masking service helps your business to steer clear from the need to employ a human operator to connect two parties. Voxbay offers a solution to tackle many business challenges and protect sensitive and confidential customer data for further networking and growth of the business holder.

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