Best way to manage call centers

What is call center management?

Now a call center is a bustling working place as we all know. The management of this very call center, refers to the way businesses manage their daily call center operations. It covers the process of employee hiring and training, workforce planning and customer interactions, among others. The way your team handles all these things is what contributes to the success and performance of your business call center.

Successful call center

We might always be looking for shortcuts in bigger things but the truth is that there is no shortcut ever, no magical formula that ensures the success of any business or call center in that case. But when the entire customer service team is working as a whole and using the right call center technology.

So all you need is a skilled workforce, which is willing to provide excellent service as well as experience, and at the same time, a newfangled and updated technology, which provides you with the means to access the best of innovation for your business

How does a call center work?

Call center operation is not just a single thing but a compilation of a lot of operations. But howsoever it ends only at repeated customer satisfaction. And on the roots, it depends on the inbound and outbound call centers and what role does these make in delivering customer service.

Inbound call center

The customer calls the company’s customer service department to elevate her concern.

The call center agent right away answers and tries to address the customer’s concerns

If your way of providing resolution somehow doesn’t meet the customer’s degree, the customer could still use a follow-up call or make use of a different channel.


Outbound call center

The agent rings the customer and makes their purpose known. The customer receives the information and listens if convenient, and if not and still interested could seek to arrange for a callback or the other way around could make a purchase, answer your questions for reviews or the least come to know that the brand exists, in this case, follow up might work wonders.

The agent ends the call on a soft note with gratitude for the time taken by the customers, and also tries to infer things such as if the needs of the customer were met.

A regular call center handles both inbound and outbound calls. There is also a possibility of the entire call center workforce being based on distinct locations and in this scenario, it is called a remote call center

It doesn’t matter what type of call center you hold or what way your call center operates, your team does need to have a good understanding of call center metrics to make it a successful one.

How do you effectively manage a call center?

There is a whole lot of competition out there, and people in the end are looking for great services. So as we all must have very ago derived customer satisfaction is the pivotal part of any call center.

You should have a reality check if your company is providing the best customer service 

We have listed out some known yet underestimated practices that will help your customer be perfectly satisfied with your service.

Best practices for your call centers

  • Hire team players, candidates whom you can trust the work with.

    Though might not be understood by everyone, call centers need a talented group of people, you need to build a proper full-fledged team if you already don’t have one. And yes apart from the technical skills, you need to look for the ones who actually with passion for customer service.
  • Onboarding and Training

Make sure the chosen ones are ready for the work you are about to entrust them with. Welcome them wholeheartedly to your team. It is paramount to have comprehensive training and onboarding program. Communicate, train, and let them know the kind of behaviour that is expected from them, and of course, listen to them. Sometimes even when a selected employee is not as excellent, great training leads them to excellence.

  • Team Work

Your team should know the importance of teamwork. This a great way to empower your staff. Everybody does not know everything and it is okay. They can surely teach each other what they know. Your need for the organization is an environment that promotes learning and creates numerous opportunities for growth for all your staff.

  • Communication is the key.

    Coaching is pretty inevitable but also sharing the space for the flow of ideas, be it for personal or professional growth. We must accept that sometimes they have a better view owing to their front-row seat with the customer issues.

    Always keep the channels open so that they communicate directly in case of bigger issues. Be warm and approachable as that is going them to turn to you when in need.

  • Scheduling

There has to be proper scheduling for any call center. Work is crucial yet we need to tend to the other needs of an employee. Your agents should be provided with enough time to recharge so that they don’t feel overworked. We also need to do this scheduling, keeping in mind the key factors such as agent ability, time between shifts and peak hours.

  • Balance in the workflow

A rise in the flow of calls may force teams to handle more work than their usual schedules and there are yet other times where there is not enough work to keep larger teams occupied. You need to strike a balance in here.

Review staffing levels so you can wisely forecast call volumes and determine how many agents you’ll need in any situation. Think about average call volumes and peak times per day, week, month, and year. You should also consider the number of agents needed to ensure short wait times.

By balancing your workflow, you’ll not just meet demands but also keep labour costs to a minimum.

  • Make Use of call monitoring tool

    This is a very powerful tool, more so than you might be inclined to give it the credit for. The importance of monitoring calls in the workplace needs to be understood. When you monitor calls, you are in a place to identify the flaws and mistakes, this way you could steer for its importance. Monitoring comes handy when talking of boosting the performance. This is a quick and effective way to empower your agents, and streamline your call center process.

Voxbay offers individual quality monitoring and Live agent dashboard to quality check the performance of your team, get detailed and analyzed reports to schedule and track coaching feedback and keep tabs on the performance. You also get some amazing features like call whisper, which allows managers to give instructions to agents without the customer hearing it, and call barge, which allows them to take over an ongoing call with ease.

  • Utilize customer feedback

As a successful running call center, you need to understand your customers. To know how the customers feel about your product and services, you need to ask them directly. The feedback is the voice of the customer which can be really helpful for you.

Don’t just hear the customer, but act on it, work on improving where you fell short.

A good way to elicit feedback is to conduct surveys through phone, email, or social media.

Get your hands on the best technology

Apart from the people, a strong driver to call center management success is innovation in technology and Voxbay just happens to be the best in the market. You might have it all, but if you fall short of technology, there is absolutely nothing that can make up for it. Without proper technology to complement your hard work it is nearly impossible for your call center to attain its full potential

Credible platforms, like the one Voxbay offers, provide a comprehensive set of features like call monitoring, interactive voice response (IVR), and time-based routing.

All the above mentioned tips are a sure shot to lead your call center operations at its apex. Tiniest bit of attention could bring about a big change. And yes never miss out customer experience that is something we must never compromise with.

Getting the right call center solution

With such a huge availability of solutions from different brands, you must be caught in the dilemma to choose which of it.

As a business organization, you always want to be able to serve all kinds of customers, from young individuals who spend a great deal of time on social media and messaging platforms to professionals who want quick, crisp and straightforward replies over the phone.

That is where a good contact center solution would prove invaluable. You want one that can empower and equip your agents with the required confidence to provide enhanced customer experience and is self-motivated to get the best results.

Voxbay is here to make things easier. Find out how our platform can contribute to your customer service center’s success and why it’s one of the most credible one in the cloud based telecom markets.

A powerhouse of a solution to let you experience all that cloud business communications.

Voxbay is your one-stop solution when it comes to business call management problems.

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