Best practices for cold calling script for improved sales

When running a business, we are no strangers to cold calling and how much we sweat preparing and improving the pitch. Voxbay has listed out the best practices in cold calling for improved sales.

What is a cold call?

A cold call is when sales representatives reach out to a potential customer who’s never had a conversation with them or the company before, in order to sell a product or service. For cold calling, the sales team makes use of a sales pitch script to make sure that the product or service is being advertised or marketed effectively. It is a very common practice for outbound sales calls. It is a very old yet still effective way to pitch your product or service.

Now there are certain facts that you need to consider when stepping into a cold call.

Tips for cold calling

  • Be very selective while choosing prospects

    Now while choosing verticals, and prospects you have to be a bit selective. Not all prospects are the right fit for your product or service. Filter your prospects very closely and accurately.
  • Practice your cold call script every now and then.

As per your prior experience with the customers, redefine and modify your script every now and then. Don’t just modify but practice and be ready for certain situations or different responses. From time to time, modifications of the pitch are very important, also altering the pitch as per the receiver’s tone and need.

  • Focus on them and how they respond. 

Now while on with a sales pitch, you should always be attentive to their response and make it about them. You should never emphasize yourself but listen closely. Do not deviate from your goal and be prepared to close in accordance with their response.

Listen as sometimes the most minute information can help you break your sale.

  • Do your research pretty effectively.

    Now, this step definitely comes to your rescue. Do a little research about your prospects to know about your prospect. This helps you know where to pick the pitch. Though time-consuming, it is worth the trouble. Effective research is always distinguished by merit when it comes to approaching prospects.
  • Find the best time to call and stick to it.

    Any time might not be a good way to approach prospects. In fact, approaching them at the wrong time might turn your prospect off. It is going to impact the listener negatively if he is engrossed in something that might relatively be more important than listening to you selling your products and services.
  • Build curiosity

    Building up curiosity depends completely on you. The built mystery intrigues the listener and makes him more likely to pay attention.
  • Pick out their pains.

    When you get them to talk, listen up. They might drop hints here and there so as to what they need help with. Very carefully listen and pick on those pain points because they are going to be very crucial for your pitch. You can target exactly the same and seek to resolve so by providing your services.
  • Be respectful of their time.

Show them that you respect and value their time. Be quick, loud and clear and do not ever talk out the point.

There are certainly other things to be kept in mind while trying to make the best practices for the cold calling script for improved sales. 

  • Be an active listener.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Anticipate objections.
  • Use social proof.
  • Focus on your goal.
  • Have a ‘close’ in mind for every conversation.
  • Make it easier to say yes.
  • Follow up after the call.
  • Leave a voicemail.
  • Conduct call reviews.
  • Spend more time selling.
  • Remember your why.

In order to keep a check on the fact that all the above mentioned is being thoroughly followed by your team, you need to have the best call management solution that can deliver the best of solutions. A call management system is paramount to raising the accountability of your team.

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