Best customer service from your business IVR

IVR systems are usually very simple, adaptable, and easy to maintain. The IVR dashboard contains various gadgets that permit businesses to customize their IVR stream according to the most popular choices as observed by customers. When any customer reaches out to your business phone number, the IVR system welcomes them with a pre-recorded welcome note or say customized greetings. This greeting message includes the name of the corporate, with a list of IVR menu options. Based on the customer’s selection, the call is further diverted to different departments and agents. Options in the IVR menu  are completely adaptable and handled by the company according to their organizational requirements. These options help the customers to resolve their queries or express their concerns without even actually communicating with a live agent.

  • If you cannot provide 24*7 customer service due to the lack of human resources, then IVR is just what you need. This solution builds your hours of accessibility by providing you with the off- business hours’ connectivity.
  • Taking client feedback after the call is an extraordinary thought put in by businesses to understand a customer’s viewpoint. Through an IVR, customers can express their considerations honestly without being harsh towards any agent.
  • The customer’s call is recorded for monitoring purposes with the goal that you might generally want to be aware of the sort of discussion taking place between your client and agent. This aids in improved customer support, so that customer’s queries are resolved at the earliest.
  • When a client calls a business to resolve a question, the IVR will broadcast the ongoing offers or discount schemes to lure the customers. After the offer declaration, IVR will guide the customers with step by step instructions 

For any business, customer support means “everything.”  Accordingly, organizations must do each conceivable bit to keep their clients happy, and services like IVR smartly assist to achieve the same. 

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