An IVR can help your Business during Covid–19

As Corona Pandemic damages on the world economy deepen with every day, organizations are looking to efficiently drive their work from home operations, without having to worry about hardware and maintenance. Nothing better than a cloud-based IVR phone system tool to keep in touch with clients so that companies can continue to provide them with support whenever required. A business can meet its targets and enhance customer relationship management using an IVR campaign easily.

Businesses might notice a spike on their dashboard in the number of incoming calls. The world is going through a widely spread pandemic, and people don’t know how to respond to it. To make sure your employees and customers don’t get exhausted in solving the queries related to this COVID-19, invest in a comprehensive IVR protocol that offers options for self-servicing and pre-recorded messages. The IVR system can be arranged with a menu of common questions and answers that callers can browse through using their phone’s keypad. This can save time from repetitive conversations and maintains uniformity in the kind of messaging your company is using. These messages can be recorded by using professional voice-over artists and can be installed to grant the most recent, up-to-date information on how your business is handling the crisis.

  • For every call, the IVR system can acknowledge the interested customer with a personalized voice message and then redirect them to agents as needed.
  • Through an IVR, businesses can send periodic reminders for payments and any other receivables to registered numbers.
  • Revised public relations messages, marketing campaigns, or emergency announcements can be fed into this IVR and so that the caller has complete knowledge before asking to connect to an agent.
  • Investing in an interactive voice response system will help to reduce call costs to a large extent as it reduces the dependency on manual staff members.
  • When simple queries are handled through automated IVR solutions, customers will have to spend less time on a call with live agents.
  • An interactive voice response platform ensures that they have an engaging and smooth experience, without any delay, disruption, or hassles.

Voxbay Solutions can customize IVR to suit your business requirements. Your organization will also gain access to business communication features that will facilitate remote work, enhance team engagement, and enable employees to share information seamlessly. Cloud-based phone systems that are powered by IVR platforms are a must-have tool and they can help all major bottom-line results. Buying an IVR system is a good idea to boost sales and reduce human dependency. They are proven to be more intelligent than predictive dialers and show minimal hassles after the initial setup and training process.

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