All About IVR

Our contemporary world has been steadily moving towards automation and refined telecommunication services. So, having its own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service for telecommunication gives each business the dominant supremacy in this competitive world. Through an IVR, we can simply automate an entire telephony system. It grants a pre-recorded voice clip to interact with the caller(customer) and track the entire call through Inputs via a keypad. When a customer calls up the business, a warm welcome greeting message gives him a pleasant feel about the company. This greeting consists of the company name, IVR menu options, and some other desired instructions. Based on the customer’s response, the call will be redirected to specific departments.

The IVR options are fully customizable by the business and they can handle it according to their needs. Example of a simple IVR is as follows:

  • Welcome to XYZ Solutions!!
  • Press 1 for Sales
  • Press 2 for Accounts
  • Press 3 for Operations
  • Press 4 to Support
  • If you know your Party’s extension, kindly dial it.

Thank you

This interactive way of greeting will deliver a first-class service where every customer feels acknowledged. Let’s go through some merits of having an IVR for a business.

  • Will be available round the clock on all days
  • Customers can choose their language of choice and then there will be no linguistic barrier.
  • Customization is very simple and easy
  • Customer experiences will be enhanced
  • Performance of business will be upgraded
  • Can collect feedbacks easily
  • Records customer conversion
  • Routes call efficiently

In other words, an organization must do every possible bit to keep their customers happy. Technologies like IVR will help the businesses to do the same. So, IVR is a must-have thing for businesses now.

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