Advantages of IVR Solutions in Business

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is basically the technology that enables people to interact with a system which is automated through the keypad of their phones. This technology enhances a best responsive and interactive system for a hassle-free relationship between a business and its customer. Many companies are now using IVR solutions as a marketing tool. There are several advantages of using an IVR Solution for a business. They are respectively as mentioned below, 

1. No more lost or abandoned calls

We all know and understand the importance of each and every call in a business. You could never tell which one was the potential customer, if the call remained unattended, be it due to any reason. Each missed call is a great loss to the business and your purpose. A missed call indicates the business lost. With our Voxbay IVR solutions, you can remain assured that none of your business calls are going to be left unattended as we make sure that all your valuable calls are tended to.

So rest assured, no more lost or abandoned calls.

2. Manages Staffing effectively

Constantly distressed with thoughts of handling staffing? The solutions we offer provide high accountability. With Voxbay, you can  effectively scale up or down your staffing now that once and for all your calls are made accountable. You will have reports of each and every call, monitoring which you could easily keep tabs on your staff and improve your overall performance.

No more worries about staff handling as we are here to take care of it, with a very organized and systematic approach.

3. Enhanced customer service

Satisfied customers have always been our top most priority. Voxbay is known for the way it very carefully and thoughtfully tends to its client as well as customer base. Customer experience is one domain where the hospitality industry can never compromise its quality.

Boosting customer service is something we always need to work on                   for success in business.

4. Improves performance

You do need a boost in your performance because that is what ultimately proves as a game-changer, the performance. With our IVR solutions, we make sure you enjoy optimum performance.

Enhance your performance with  best- ever IVR solutions from Voxbay.

5. Cuts down costs

Even as we aim for the best performance, we as entrepreneurs always try to save the cost on marketing to maximize the overall profit. So it is paramount to cut down the cost wherever possible but without messing with the quality of your services.

6. Minimize Managerial tasks with IVR 

Loaded with incoming calls??? Worry not!!! Coz Voxbay is here to take care of your calls as well as to take the load off your manual shoulders.

Voxbay, through its IVR, attends your inbound calls via its auto-receptive feature, which further lets your staff manage their remaining duties effectively and efficiently. It multiplies your functional efficiency, manages your administrative tasks in a cost effective manner and eases up the whole communication process within the departments as it quickly transfers and routes the calls to their respective targeted receptionist.

7. Cuts cost on production

Basically, IVR Solutions are very cost effective. Because, the implementation and installation costs are very minimal compared to other solutions. It also minimizes the requirement of the reception staff from an office. The complete system itself handles all calls and re-routes them to their appropriate departments. This provides a higher ROI also. Business owners are loving these IVR Solutions.

8. Increases Productivity

With an IVR solution, a business can route all calls to the desired departments. Hence, these systems are perfectly instant and responsive. Such an effective system enables the staff to spend less time conferring with colleagues to access the right answer or transfer the calls without any time lag.  This time saving process can significantly increase productivity of an organization.

9. Increase the Credibility & Reputation of The Company

By getting a recorded voice prompt at the beginning of a call, it resembles a better dignity of that organization. So, an IVR Solution can make your business or office look bigger than what it actually is.

10. Totally Error-free

A receptionist in an office requires hundreds of calls daily. Handling so many calls will lead to creating errors sometimes. IVR is an extreme solution for this problem. IVR has an Auto attendant system. By this, a caller or customer is responsible for where they are going. So, IVR is called an error free system.

11. Can Attend calls on the first attempt

This will be the major advantage of this system. Questions will be answered and problems will be resolved on the first try itself. This quality function results in satisfied customers and a more responsive customer support department.

Voxbay Solutions provides the best IVR Solutions in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala. It is very important to reach all customers in a business and engage them in all processes.

Perfectly, IVR Solutions can be used as the best marketing tool.

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