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With Voxbay’s Cloud PBX integration to Zoho apps, you can, with ease, enhance and boost your communication game. It is surely going to get you all the commercial attention you deserve.

We time-to-time upgrade our features for your convenience.

Why choose us?


You need something which is very hassle-free and adapts to your customized requirements. With Voxbay, you can customize our services in accordance with your business needs. Voxbay provides flexible and user friendly solutions.


All the calls you make with your customers will be automatically recorded in their respective Zoho Service profile. You will have clarity over the detailed information about the call before answering or handling the call. It is an unbeatable merit when it comes to business calls.


With us, you could very easily record your calls and access them from Zoho Service. Also the ones that were made from the mobile phones of your sales team could be very easily accessible and monitored. All you need to have is very authentically displayed in the analysis report.


Our national distribution channel has specialized advisors who will adapt the offer to your needs and solve all your doubts. You will also benefit from training and 24×7 professional support.

Explore all that you can avail with the integration.

Single-click calls

Make your calls pretty easy and quick with Zoho Service. Get rid of the fuss caused due to use of multiple devices, reduce the time spent and improve productivity to the core.

Automatic call logging

All calls are automatically logged in to Zoho Service for you to have better control of your business communications. This also aids in tracking of customer activities.

Call pop-ups

Now you could have detailed contact information before even answering the call using call pop- ups. This improves the overall attention paid to your customers.

Access to call recordings

All the calls you make will be recorded for further analysis. This helps you ace up the communication and performance of your business.


Our Key Features which might intrigue you

360 Degree View of your business call management

You could have a 360 degree view management of all your business calls as well as customer services. We leverage a robust, scalable and flexible solution to manage all inbound & outbound communications. Voxbay enhances the agent efficiency and boosts the workspace productivity. This inturn helps in gaining real-time insights with an intuitive interface. Our cloud telephony platform makes it real feasible for enterprises to set up their communication management with CRM and software integrations as per the customized requirements of each business.

Real time call and user-monitoring

It is beyond evident what proper monitoring does to an enterprise management. With proper user reports, you definitely could keep tabs on your team and its performance. All your business calls could be monitored in real time with various advanced features such as live call barging, live call transfer and conference. When you have authenticated performance analysis reports in-front of you, you could scale up the performance of your team. This raises the standards of accountability of the team towards our business.

Powerful integrations

Your enterprise could really use our powerful integrations to enhance your business management. With our significant integration to Zoho Service, both your inbound and outbound calls could be logged into Zoho Service. You are now just a single click away from initiating an outbound call to your potential customers. Our current features include direct dial- in, dial out as well as click to call.

Multi level IVR

It is your go-to requirement as it first and foremost forms a visual brand image for your enterprise during all the telephonic communications. A multi level IVR not just aids to the enterprise brand reputation build up, but also for accurate call flows. This feature greets and guides your callers through a series of instructions via its self help features.

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