Why Should the Automobile Industry Use Cloud Telephony?

Genuine leads can make every business dazzle within your industry. Definitely, businesses are all about leads and how we convert them. The automobile industry remains flooded with leads every time. Constant demand-supply throughout the year makes this industry boom. Sometimes, this deluge of customers leads to delayed responses. In such situations, this thriving industry can make use of modern technology such as Cloud Telephony.

Interactive Voice Response – A Solution

IVR or Cloud-based Interactive voice response has solved the lead assorting and management hassles to a high extent. A professional IVR System enables features such as automatic attending, managing, routing calls and by these automobile dealers can break barriers that are restricting the growth of the business.

Let us explain the features of cloud telephony that can be used in processes at different stages:

  • When an automobile company announces the production of their new model, pre-bookings will start from the very next day. For informing the pre-booking criteria, the dealer can send a broadcast of the vehicle over Text/Voice to the collected leads.
  • Give a call-to-action in your text message by providing a missed call number to collect the interested leads.
  • For an effortless follow-up system, integrate your IVR System to the company CRM software and store information about interested leads.
  • Purchase a toll-free number and publish that unique number in all your hoardings and ads.
  • Circulate a Voice Broadcast in your local area in the local language to familiarize the brand with nearby peoples.
  • Send constant SMS updates for customers who have pre-booked the vehicle and keep them engaged with your services.
  • In the case of old customers, a proper follow up to their registered complaints is easy through reminders in CRM in Call center solutions.
  • While they are registering a service or complaint, SMS alerts are able to be given through Call center solutions.
  • Proper IVR routing helps the clients to connect their desired departments in a hassle free manner.
  • Able to keep a log of Missed calls to give a call back as soon as possible to them and by this, we will never miss a potential customer.
  • We are able to track the results of different marketing campaigns individually by assigning different Virtual numbers to each of them.
  • Broadcast your toll-free number to all your customers so that they can inquire whenever in need.
  • Organize customer surveys via a voice broadcasting channel or SMS broadcast to remain updated of your customer’s expectations.

Adapting cloud telephony in the automobile industry is influential nowadays. With the rising number of automobile customers and owners, Cloud telephony is sure to automatize half manual processes and decrease the day-to-day challenges of this sector.

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