Voice Broadcasting for Lead Generation

Cold calling is a frustrating process sometimes. Almost all the cold calling attempts end up without generating a meaningful result for a business. While using the method Bulk SMS (Text message), it will reach a large audience at a lower cost, but there is a higher chance to get ignored at every user’s SMS inbox. Voice broadcasting is an extra simple solution which is sandwiched between the two phases. An Automated phone call is generated to a potential customer and plays a pre-recorded voice message. If they are interested, then it is the receiver’s turn to choose and discuss further by pressing a digit. Then, the call is transferred to a sales representative or recorded their response to moving further. 

Undoubtedly, we can say that Voice Broadcasting is a better way than cold calling. A call is more personal and harder to ignore than a text message. Businesses can save massive money by using a voice broadcasting service, where only those calls that are likely to become successful leads are forwarded to the sales team. It also has many other uses such as appointment and payment reminders and to collect customer feedback. E-commerce businesses are using this effective solution for big purchase confirmation, and almost every bank relies on this method for fraud prevention, Due date reminders, and payment acknowledgment.

  • A voice broadcasting service has many in-built filters for phone numbers on the do-not-call (DNC) or do-not-disturb (DND) list. 
  • Voice Broadcasting service provider only charges for the minutes that potential customers spend on the call.
  • The perfect time of the day for making calls is also easily pinpointed, and the calls can be scheduled accordingly.
  • Businesses can reach thousands of people in a few minutes and at a fraction of what it would have cost them had they put humans to the task.

Businesses can use a recorded human voice or an automated text-to-voice option. A warm tone, simple language, and mass appeal are the most preferable features for most clients. Voice Broadcasting service can generate valid/Genuine leads that can help any business. This Interactive method of marketing is not at all a luxury but an essential phase for firms. Market studies have reportedly shown that voice broadcasting can yield four times more favorable and prompt responses than any other marketing method.

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