Smart Voice – A Smart Move

Smart communication is the new normal now. Everything is being smart in this era and the world is going towards a fully automated version. Here, Voxbay brings an Automated Interactive Voice Response System to communicate smartly! Simply, Smart voice is the Next-generation call management system on cloud. Smart Voice unleashes endless features in front of you. such as, call summary report, user wise report, daily reports, call recordings, and everything related to your business number on your fingertip.

Where to use?

When there is huge call traffic in the business number and that too to multiple departments, in this case, these calls could be managed properly with the help of Voxbay Smart Voice.

How does it work?

A smart voice is initiated by creating an account in the cloud by using a Customer name, Customer mail id, and a mobile number. With these details, the customer could log in to their smart space. In the smart voice account, the user could find a dashboard in which they could create a user’s extension, set IVR, set time group and conditioning & manage their DID. The next step is to create separate call groups or departments. They could upload IVR audio files also. The numerous calls that come to one published/advertised number will be landing on the DID number there you could greet the customer with a prerecorded audio message that is an IVR. In addition to this, SMART VOICE could redirect the caller to different departments according to the caller’s desire. It’s called Multilevel IVR. Through a smart voice, you could manage the N number of calls that come to a particular number. Which is possible by routing the call to the next agent.

The most attractive feature of this extreme automated solution is, all these can be done without any additional hardware or infrastructure. Your business calls will follow you, no matter where you are. You will never miss a call again.

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