Smart Communication for Automobile Industry

India’s Automobile Market is one of the biggest in the world. Around 9% of our Country’s GDP is generating from our own Automobile Industry. This tremendous growth is satisfying but, it is daunting that to know the communication strategies used by these automobile companies are still traditional. There is no standardized platform for tracking the calls and communicate properly. Due to this deficiency of proper business call management platforms, the automobile industry is struggling to balance its communication.

Within the last 5 years, a huge number of Automobile companies and dealers mushroomed in India due to the increasing demand for vehicles according to the population. This situation gradually results in tight competition among these groups. Customer service and proper client communication will be essential to hold a customer for satisfying them with our availability to help them. Because good customer engagement helps a company to stay at the top of the customer’s mind.

How Did Revenue loss happen by an Inefficient Communication Platform?

Automobile servicing companies will get a lot of call inquiries through their business websites, local listings, and social media advertisements. In many cases, calls are missed because it was non-working hours or a holiday. There’s no way to track these calls. This results in a loss of leads and subsequently, the revenue. Customer support directly affects the customer’s purchase decision. So, the support persons are needed to be easily accessible also. In the automobile industry, service dealership showrooms will have multiple support centers and it becomes quite challenging for customers to find the right number to contact. Even after finding the correct contact number, a lot of times the number is not available due to various reasons.

How to Increase the Customer’s Call Communication?

Advanced customer communication includes the ease with which customers can book a Product or service, reschedule it, speak out their special requests & share their good or bad feedback. Simply, it’s all about bridging the gap between a customer and the business.

Integrate the customer CRM with Cloud

Integrate your customer CRM (customer database) to a cloud communication platform Voxbay Smartvoice which can able to automate the complete business communication tasks. Companies can use SMS for customer communication. it is mostly to remind them of an upcoming service or communication regarding the product or service. If this is done manually, it will be time-consuming. Through the Bulk SMS feature of the cloud platform, the agents can save their time for other productive activities.

Companies in the Automobile industry operate in the dealership pattern. The common method is assigning different phone numbers for different dealers. While it is easy for these companies to implement such a system, it’s a hard task for the customer to find the right number to reach the dealer. Rather, get a single toll-free number for your brand, and route all the calls to the right dealer or department with the help of an IVR which is pre-recorded. In such a case, customers can able to enter their pin code on IVR to be routed to the desired dealer in their locality. Using a single toll-free number for your automobile business can help in the following ways:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Good customer experience
  • Standardized Business communication

Increased Customer Loyalty with SmartVoice

Evidently, we can say that, there’s an essential need for a smarter customer communication platform for the automobile industry. The traditional Business call handling used by these automobile servicing companies is not powerful enough to meet the increasing market or customer demand. So, it is necessary to move to a cloud platform that is efficient for handling the whole communication. Voxbay Smartvoice is a fully automated business communication platform that enables several features for proper communication and its monitoring.

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